Master Mynd


Who is the Master Mynd?


Just your average guy in his 40s.


You've read my blog, you're not buying that are you? I'm the slightly twisted albeit nice guy who sat behind you in English class in High School. I might be overheard muttering soomething occasionally clever that you were afraid to laugh at because I wasn't one of the "cool kids."

I have raging ADHD. I didn't believe the doctors when they said I would outgrow the H (Hyperactive) and most of the time it is caffeine induced. This causes some of my blog posts to wander off.

I'm a child of God. I get lost in big cities and have no idea where I will be tomorrow. I do know where I am ending up.

Why Did I Start Writing a Blog?

It started with Insomnia, which is rare for me. I was poking around the interwebs and found a blog or two that were slightly off center, like me. I had read blogs before and I had started a technical blog prior to that. I had an idea of how to create a blog, but the nuances of writing a blog weren't as clear.

This blog gives my inner monologue an outer voice. To quote Eminem, "Visionary... Vision is Scary!" Trips inside my head aren't all sunshine and bunny rabbits. You're going to want a torch, a dictionary, and enough breadcrumbs to find your way out.

I'd love to hear from you and have recently opened up the comments for this page. If you choose to leave a comment, let me know how you found me? So often, we bloggers wonder if our voice is heard by a small circle or if we are truly "out there" in more ways than just the abnormal one.




  1. I have a blog for the same reason-- the quiet the voices in my head. Not that I have "voices," per se, but things I want to say but don't really have the chance to in my everyday life.

    I like the Eminem quote!

    The captcha for this was: help! nedut

  2. I found you via Yeah Write. Love your mind...keep writing!

  3. Hello, would you be interested in participating in the blog tour for my humour novel Royal Flush? If so, shoot me an email at (Feel free to delete this comment.)

  4. " Although it said it was only going out for a short walk and some fresh air, Scott knew in his heart of hearts that this was good-bye.

    He'd never see his brain again."

    I wish I could copy the picture for you. Maybe I will have your brother-in-law print it on a shirt for you.

  5. I liked your blog, so I nominated it for an award. Go you!


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