Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What About Bob?

Imagining Myself With a 'Fro
Anyone who has read my blog, well... at all...know of my borderline obsession with Bob Ross.

He puts me to sleep with his friendly trees and big ole mountains. His voice from my DVR puts me at ease when the real world is kicking me in the nuts. This tall afro'ed white man is my personal sandman.

Heck, I even imagined what it would be like if he had done tattoos.

Recently I decided I needed to know if it was the voice, the painting, or both. I embarked on a journey, on the Internet, to find a certified Bob Ross instructor to be my guide on this bigger quest. Well, that or teach me to paint.

"Northern Lights" is an awesome painting.

My journey lead me to Barb Powell, Hobby Lobby in Hagerstown, MD Chambersburg, PA, and the above painting.

I know you can't imagine that little old brilliant with the words me could be equally awesome with pictures, so...I took pictures. (Or you can check out the student art on Barb's site where I am number 519 (you can hit Prev and get there from the beginning, I think)

I hope you enjoy this:

Started with a Black Canvas
The dry black (pre-painted) canvas is the start and we added "liquid clear" to get it as Bob would say "wet and slick and ready to go." You might be able to see the colors that were added to the darkness to create the "curtains" for the Northern Lights

After putting on the under colors, I started the curtains
Curtains were then drawn using white paint, as you can see the colors in the background are beginning to alter it.

Curtains "drawn" and Mountain Begun!
As the curtains are drawn up, you see the Mountain take shape. It was certainly "Big" and likely "ole" but I realized quickly that moving a mountain takes a lot of practice. Fortunately, Barb was very helpful in my work with the knife. FYI, the mountain is made using "Mountain Mix" which is the "Mother Color" used for a number of other items as well. I may have to order something like the Bob Ross Joy Of Painting Series- Mountains 3 Dvd Collection in order to get better!

Thanks Barb for the help getting over the Mountain!
My first foray into the trees was far enough away that you can't tell how nervous I was. You will note that all the trees have a "friend." Some of the bushes do not, but they're prickly personalities really.

"Happy" Trees with "Friends"
The trees and bushes are made with "Dark Black"....umm, what? Exactly. I suppose if you use the light black, it doesn't show up or some would foolishly call it "grey." I'm looking forward to next time using the light white, however.

Finished and Framed
Surprisingly, one of the most difficult decisions was how I would sign the painting. As I am not fond of making curved lines, I thought SDJ would prove frustrating and annoying. My nom de plume here is WilyGuy, but my usual WG, though less strokes, was still quite curvaceous. I went instead with my "family name" not that anyone actually calls me J4.

Thanks Barb for your brilliance and more importantly your patience! Along with your comedic sidekick, Woody who gave me continuous encouragement from his spot in the back, I would not have made it without you both. Thanks to Vicky with the wonderful water and beautiful Unabomber cabin, being able to look over your shoulder from 2 tables back and watch you work was inspiring. To my fellow mountain virgins, Katie and Emily, I enjoyed our conversation and you made it really easy to not feel too intimidated.

If I had more than "Start a Bucket List" on my bucket list, this would certainly have been on it. CHECK!

I should probably have waited until the New Year, then I could have said this was a New Years Resolution, but since you know I rarely make those, I suppose I won't.

Dude Write

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  1. Just found your blog the other day-great space. Bob Ross, God rest his soul, remains an American icon. Nice work with the painting-Bob would be proud.

  2. Hey thanks Tim. I'm really glad I gave that a try.


  3. Vicky has linked me into her journal here http://vickytaylorartstudio.com/art-supplies-scott-jung so I thought she'd like a return. Check her out if you're looking for wisdom in buying art supplies.

  4. I read Vicky's blog post about you and came to see your blog, too. I can see Emily in your pictures! You did a great job and I hope that you'll come back again for more painting adventures!

  5. Thanks for the kind words Scott. I was really impressed with your painting. I hope we will hear more about your adventures in the world of Bob Ross and his method of oil painting.

  6. It was good fun meeting you all in class and I certainly hope that I will be back up for another go at the mountains.


  7. Thanks Vicky. You will assuredly hear from me again.

  8. That is amazing. I have no artistic ability and wonder how something would come out if I was sitting with an expert guiding me.

  9. Wonderful!

  10. Thanks Jerry. It wasn't as tough as it looks.

  11. Badass! My sister is an incredible artist. I have no idea how she does what she does but it makes me very jealous. My stick figures aren't even good.

  12. Thanks. I had a good time doing it.

  13. Thanks for making the long, snowy trek to Chambersburg to paint with us! It was great meeting you and thanks for the shout out on the blog!

    I’m determined to conquer mountains Bob Ross style!

  14. I will be back. A friend's wife may come next time, she has never seen Bob, but she loves to conquer things and painting a picture may have made it on the list.
    Not sure when I will be up, with the forecast calling for much snow this winter, I may be reluctant to commit.
    So far, nothing inspires me from the upcoming classes. With kids every other weekend, it has to be a magic coincidence. Surely it will happen again.




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