Sunday, October 14, 2012

Spending Life's Budget

So here is the question:


You have $5000 and you can either spend it taking your kids to Disney for a week...










You can take yourself on a 3 week trip to the islands or similar escape.


This seems like an easy question, no matter the answer. For those without kids, this may be the reason they chose not to procreate and those who've reached the golden age of grandparenting may be pondering a similar choice.


For some, this question boils down to a different question. Do you want to create lasting memories that your children will remember forever and want to pass on to their children? Or, do you want your kids to remember you as a heartless, selfish douchenozzle who left them home eating PB & J while you had Mai Tais on the beach after 18 holes and a relaxing massage?


I can hear the cries of the dissenters now. They would ask, do you want to create an unrealistic expectation for your kids of an overly expensive and stressful trip that they will take for granted, expecting you to top the experience each year, likely taking decades off of your life? Or, do you care about being thought of as a heartless, selfish douchenozzle while you are getting a Mai Tai enhanced massage on the beach after the best 18 holes of your soon to be long life?

For those of us with kids, this struggle is ongoing.

We want to be viewed as our kids' hero. We want to give them the best of us, knowing that doing so is going to deplete us. We need to recharge so we can continue. We want to make memories that will last even if we don't. Living a long life filled with great memories is the goal. Living a long life as a selfish curmudgeon versus a shorter, potentially more stressful life building memories is the decision.

Cliche as it may sound, the amount of time in your life, to me, isn't as important as the amount of life in the time.

So last question...anybody have $10,000 to give me?

Oh, and four weeks of vacation?


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  1. I guess when you're a parent the above choice is never really a choice, is it? :) Enjoy Disneyland, at least they should have some cool rides, if you're into that!

  2. We had this problem recently----It was, "hey, wanna go to Hawaii? Or, we can go, then take you somewhere else later". Fortunately for us, our kids are illogical and strange---the teen was worried about Tsunami victims washing up-or at least, parts of them-and the little one is freaked out by volcanoes.

    So, we are ditching them, and will go somewhere they want, later. MUCH later ;)

  3. It's so funny that you thought that A. This was about me? B. I have $5000.
    The age gap I have makes Disney almost impossible.

  4. Volcanoes and Tsunami victims...oh my!

  5. Ha, really? My bad, guess the ending where you were asking for money was a red herring ;)

  6. When my kids were aged 10 and 6 I did opt for the Disney option. Glad we did - not only enduring memories for them but for me as well - I still tingle when I think about walking down main street at the Magic Kingdom (I'm a kid at heart!).

    Now my "kids" are 22 and 18 so any pots of money will now be definitely spent on luxury cruises for me and Mrs Jones.

  7. I might have ten thousand dollars for you. When I'm done on my computer I'll go downstairs and count the change under the couch cushions. There's a butt load of money there.

  8. As someone who wishes she had kids, this one is a no-brainer. Family trip for sure. But, as a former nanny, I can appreciate parents yearning for rejuvenation. Kids usually win out, though, I think :)

  9. I am in the position now where I can say, I have already been on vacation trips with the kids, they are on their on, but I will gladly take the Grandbabies, because I know the kids would let me.

  10. Great post! I never did have kids. Kind of a long story there, but I've been ok with that a long time now. I certainly have to say that I wish there would have been more trips for my family, as a kid. I only remember going camping. No fancy trips to places that sell Mai Tais and never have been to Disneyland either. Still, I can imagine your dilemma The beach hammock really IS appealing :D

  11. The choice is obvious. Dump the kids on a relative and go to Disneyland without them!

  12. Combine the a Disney cruise. You spend time with your kids but then you also get to, um, dump them off to the paid kid's cruise directors during the day and enjoy the quality adult time you want....

  13. I would take the holiday with the kids but now my girls are all grown I would take a nice relaxing cruise the girls and grandkids could come but I wouldn't be the one watching the grandkids although on a cruise I would be worried that my grandson Leo would fall overboard since he is a so let me think now maybe a family trip to Disney would be for me yes I do love my family

  14. Well, I don't have any children, but my family took me to Disney World when I was a child and I have many deep rooted memories of fun and excitement. Then again, if I never went to Disney World, my life wouldn't be any different. So... enjoy the Bahamas!

  15. I thought you were saying this because you've saved up enough money for a trip and were looking for moral guidance. It depends on how old the kids are...

  16. I'll go with option B! This summer we already took the kids to Sea World AND Six Flags, so beach here I come! :)

  17. My daughter is now 16, but just said today, "I wish I could go to Disneyland" after seeing a commercial for it on TV. I would probably go for that trip. I would love the tropical trip, but for the next few years, the big trips are centered around the kid while I still can.




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