Saturday, August 25, 2012


Greetings to my normal (really?) readers who are staring at this page, wondering what all these words are about. Sensing a lack of snark, my readers should not be alarmed. I am competing in a Flash Fiction challenge over at DudeWrite. The idea is to write a story in under 500 words using a starting sentence given as part of the challenge. Please consider browsing over there and checking out some equally good posts from other writers, who happen to be dudes.

Never one to turn down a dare, I was instantly excited with escaping the second grade. When my best friend Flip said I should have a go at outrunning the teacher and escape to the glory of the playground I felt the rush of the challenge.

Flip and I had been pals since the moment we met in second grade. Mrs. Spangler, who taught these children with whom we shared the class, was high on our loathing list. Since the moment we had entered the class, she had cordoned off a special area for Flip and I, as if she knew we'd be trouble.

Flip said that there would come a time when I could make a run for it. Science or Free Period had the best options. Enough chaos in the classroom at those times might allow me just enough of a head start to make it to freedom.

The time came and I made my move. I leaped to the counter nearest to the door and boldly leapt for the door that was open just enough. Making myself as small as possible, I ran toward the light of the front door, hoping to remain undetected.

As I made my courageous run, I was spotted by an administrator and seemingly the unnecessary shriek of that woman sent what felt like the entirety of the school in my pursuit.

From behind me, I heard Mrs. Spangler call my name. Then the doors of seemingly all the classrooms opened. I could hear some of the kids in the other classrooms cheering me on as if I was running for all of them. I heard teachers come barreling out of their classrooms to join in the pursuit. Who knew that the rules of decorum, or at least the ones taught during a fire drill here could so easily be set aside to run after me.

Still, I had the head start and Flip's brilliant plan. As I passed the administration office in the front of the building, I began to feel that success was possible. At roughly the same time, I realized that I should have had lunch before this run. Stomach growling in that "I may never get to eat again" way, my thoughts turned to reversing course and returning for my lunch. Knowing I would never make a full round trip, I satisfied myself with the refreshing taste of freedom.

Dashing through the last set of open doors into the lobby, I was one set of doors from freedom, the pursuit hot on my tail.

I hit the doors to victory at full speed, but they didn't budge. Had they been locked? Did Flip dime me out? I was trapped like a rat in this lobby area and all I could think to do was to hide. As I tried to bury myself in Lost and Found coats, I felt the hands grabbing me, the great escape was over.

Flip would be laughing his hamster ass off when I returned.



  1. Well, at least YOU tried, who is Flip to judge?! Nice story!

  2. There have been many times I wanted to do the same... and just from school. lol Enjoyed it WG!

  3. *not* just from school. :)

  4. If life only worked the way we envision it in our heads.

  5. This was so fun :) I can't believe I was rooting for a little kid to escape school! Gotta love those naughty boys. Great job!

  6. Glad you liked it, you did get that it wasn't a kid, right?

  7. Oh my gosh!! I feel so dumb! It's so obvious now when I just reread it. Sigh, Im not normally such a dope. But now I like it even better :) Very clever, too clever for me, obviously!

  8. I had to walk a fine line. Don't feel dumb. It is important that I not be too obvious, and not to cloaked.

  9. Very creative, Mr. Mynd. I'm usually good at picking up on surprise endings, but you totally got me!

  10. Ah, thank you kind sir.

  11. Trapped like a lab rat... or hamster. Anyway, awesome twist at the end! I knew there was going to be some sort of surprise ending, but I never would have guessed it. I wish I had hamsters in my classes when I was younger.




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