Saturday, July 28, 2012

For the Love of Zombies

I keep thinking I can write some Flash Fiction and over at they have a 250 word contest going.


250 words maximum. Enter as a comment below this post. All comments are held for moderation (Thanks Spammers!), so don’t freak out if your entry doesn’t appear right away. Please include your twitter handle and word count below your entry. Contest runs from Friday, July 27th to midnight on Friday, August 3rd. One full week to be brilliant. No excuses!



You must use ONE of these classic lines from Night of the Living Dead somewhere in your tale. Author’s choice on which one and where.

“They’re coming for you, Barbara.”

“They know we’re in here now.”

“We may not enjoy living together, but dying together isn’t going to solve anything.”

“This is no Sunday school picnic!”


Here is my entry:

She knew it was dangerous to be walking the streets at that hour, yet there she was. She had no dillusions that this wasn't Zombie season and Zombie weather. One girl against the masses, she would gladly trade in her current society.

She wanted to make it about science, but she knew that she craved the power, the lack of responsibility for her actions, she just knew it would be fun. She would have friends and revenge.

She had asked her one friend in the world, Anne, to join her. Anne had declined saying "We may not enjoy living together, but dying together isn’t going to solve anything." Repeatedly missing Anne would be the hardest part.

The smell was noxious. It was over before it began, she remembered thinking that nothing she had read warned or promised her of the speed of the hoard. That would be useful.

If only she survived.

152 words - @WilyGuy


  1. Chubby ChatterboxJuly 28, 2012 at 6:02 PM

    I'm not into zombie stories but I think you've done a great job with this prompt. You've given a few good hooks here to draw readers in.

  2. Thanks Chubby, not my thing either but I think that makes it a little more challenging.

  3. Who loves zombies...........not me oh yeah this isn't about your love of zombies but a rocking story...........




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