Thursday, July 12, 2012

Between a Rock and a Hard Case II

When last we checked in on our lovable hero, life had dealt him a seemingly reality-size dream-crushing blow. To catch up on the story, head over to the first part of the story.

I'm normally not one who blames God, sadly, I don't always give him credit.

I will admit that I stewed.

Fast forward one year later and I run into Jim at the local supermarket. We exchange pleasantries for a bit and catch up on life in our smallish suburb. Then he drops the question, "so, did you ever end up in IT?" and all the fabulous memories of job interviews gone awry come flooding back.

After I tell him that my current job is still working with my dad, he unleashes the next statement, "I've got a position in my office that you may find interesting."

Seriously God? Seriously Jim? I wasn't good enough the last time we rode in this rodeo, what has changed? Who signed me up for this torture? I had frankly stopped praying in earnest for an IT career. Why now?

Haven't we been down this road before?

Yeah, we all know I agreed to try again. I got my resume ready again, I interviewed with Jim again, with his boss again, with his boss's boss again. So he says to me as I'm leaving that he will be in touch in the next day or so. I consider telling him that I don't plan to turn blue holding my breath. Instead I ask him what my chances are. He tells me that they rarely hire outside his recommendation. Feeling cocky and with little to lose, I asked if I had his recommendation. He told me I wouldn't be there unless I did.

Suffice it to say, the whole conversation had me guessing as to why I hadn't received an offer for the previous job. Old memories came flooding back, insecurities push my fears towards feelings of complete inadequacy. I was miserable.

I wasn't miserable for long before I got a call and an offer to start the job.

I couldn't believe it. I took the family out for a celebratory dinner. After all the waiting, I had begun my career. My true calling had finally been called.

I learned that day that God doesn't always act in our time, but he hears all requests. He doesn't disregard any of them. He knows what is best for us.

But he wasn't done.

I'm reminded of a story I read that went something like this:

Man: God, what is a million dollars to you?

God: a million dollars is but a penny to me.

Man: God, what is a hundred years to you?

God: a hundred years is but a second to me.

Man: (after pausing to think) God, can I have a penny?

God: yes, just a second.

To be continued in part III.


  1. Hopefully part 3 continues to have a good outcome!

  2. Thanks Kevin. Part III should be interesting (but then I lived the story)

  3. That's odd. Did you ever find out why you didn't get the job after the first interview?

  4. So how long are you going to make us wait for part I love the conversation with God............

  5. I'm not one who believes in God. I do believe that when you are crushed by the opportunity that evaporates, something else will come along and life can take you in a new and amazing direction that you may never have thought would be possible. That's how I ended up living half way around the world! I like the story at the end, it made me smile. :-)

  6. The plot thickens once more. Only this time with cream...

  7. Glad that you enjoyed it. I think it can be enjoyed with or without the God aspect. It is important to me, but you can supplant "fate" and likely get a similar meaning. Thanks for the comment!

  8. Hopefully not as long as between 1 and 2. I almost forgot I had written Part 1. I was engulfed in work stuff.

  9. I will be sure to cover that in the exciting conclusion, Joe.

  10. Hey,
    Got an award for you on my blog. Come drop by and pick it up sometime.

  11. That's what I enjoyed the most about it actually. God doesn't offend me at all unless people are pushing at me to believe the same as they do, which totally wasn't the point here. I can't wait to hear the end.




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