Monday, July 2, 2012

Avoiding the Shade

I'm overjoyed this week to be bringing you a guest post of sorts from Mrs. Mynd! She is a regular reader, but rarely comments as she can tell me what she thinks in person. She's an "in person" kind of girl, so this my friends is a rare treat. With all the hype around certain books and films these days, I turned to my literary expert for her take on the Shades of Grey books.

So I read anything and everything . I also read fast. This could very well be part of the reason that I will read anything. I also finish all the books I start, some have taken a really long time and were complete out of spite, I refuse to let bad writing or a bad story beat me, with the one exception of the Harry Potter series. She really just needed to get to the point!

So when people kept coming up to me and asking about the Fifty Shades series imagine their shock when I repeatedly said "No, I have not read it."

People then began asking me why not. I have to confess I didn't really have a good answer. Basically, I hadn't gotten around to it and I didn't want to read something that was going to bother me. I am not really easily bothered or offended so that concern was definitely secondary.

My sister was going to loan it to me but then she got it for her kindle because she didn't want people to see her reading it. This was not the first time I had heard people saying that. But I mean really, it's at the top of the best seller list. Obviously a lot of people are reading it so you would expect to see some copies out there. My co-worker said to me Wednesday night while we were at the library, "enough is enough, I will bring you my copy tomorrow."

I caved to the peer pressure and Thursday afternoon I sat down to read Fifty Shades of Grey. I had finished the latest Nicholas sparks book that morning and was planning to start the latest in the true blood series that evening. It was time to just see what all the fuss was about. Bring on the controversy!




I don't get it.


It was just ok.



I agree it was not exactly mainstream sex, but it wasn't look away in horror either. The characters were ok, I feel like they needed more depth. The book leaves you hanging and the story isn't complete on its own, so you need to read the next one. I enjoyed it don't get me wrong. But I have enjoyed other books that left me steamier and looking for Mr. Mynd. It was 4 hours well spent, it wasn't a waste of my time.

Will I read the entire series? My guess is that book 2 will also "finish" unresolved, so it may be out of spite that I read the rest. Maybe the other books wander off the normal path further...

I'll let you know.


  1. From the handful of people I know that have read this book, it is apparently boring and unrealistic. If you've lived your life with vanilla sex alone, there may be some titillation... but for most people, 50 Shades just seems to be poorly-written and too predictable.

    My girlfriend said it best. "Give me Penthouse Forum over 50 Shades any day..." I love that woman...

  2. Oh, Mrs. Mynd... I was so irritated by the book that I couldn't stand reading past chapter 4. I felt perhaps I should do a keyword search for dirty words but it couldn't even hold my interest enough for that. :( I want my $9.99 back.

  3. Your contribution has saved us all.

    Have you read A Beer for the Shower's take on the book?

  4. There is just no way I will ever read it. I am not even remotely tempted. I'll watch the movie, I'll do that.

  5. I have not read them either and I have no interest in reading them so does that make me strange or what..............if so then so be it....................

  6. So nice to hear from the missus. Also nice to hear that I don't have to read that silly book!

  7. Michael G D'AgostinoJuly 3, 2012 at 10:34 PM

    I made the mistake of asking my Mum what that book was about. She described in great detail exactly what can be done with a pair of handcuffs and a gynecologist's chair.

  8. Mrs. Mynd is happy that you liked her review and have left nice comments. As previously indicated, she's an "in person" kind of gal, so if any of you come by the house, she'll personally thank you. :)

  9. I refuse to read that trash. Why? On principle. I will not bend under massive peer pressure that is only there because someone fired up the media big time about the books. Good PR goes a long way and the author is surely cashing in on it all with glee. I'm sure he knows some pretty powerful (rich) folks that helped push his product to mainstream media.

    As for the content/plot of the book? BOring. I've read much steamier scenes in simple romance novels (though I prefer paranormal romance) and will gladly stick to my usual genres.
    Good for you for being brave and reading it though. Someone's gotta do it lol

  10. Yeah, before any rumors get started, the author is a woman.

  11. haha! well there ya go, I didn't even pay attention to that. Sorry. But how sad, too. You'd think a woman would .. ok scratch that, if the author is a naive woman with very little experience it explains much lol




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