Monday, June 4, 2012

Very Klever, He Kackled

Those of you who pay half an ounce of attention know that I love an award! After shedding my Susan Lucci like luck with the blogging awards, I have picked up a little hardware on my way to being everyone's favorite male blogger who goes by an alias starting with W, while writing for a megalithic blog that starts with an I.

I know! You want to shake my hand, it's ok to admit it.

No really, I picked up 6 screws with matching washers and nuts just the other day at the local Ace Hardware. (insert screw loose, washed up, or completely nuts quips here)

Someone out there thinks I am funny! Michael D'Agostino who is certifiably funny (Australia has a license for stand-up comedians, no...not really) thinks I make the mundane into the funny. Over at his blog he makes laughter happen as well. He's a comedic brother-from-another-mother with Rusty of Swinging Like a Rusty Gate, of whom I have previously raved. I can't imagine what a session of comedy plotting is like between those two, but I am sure that Depends are required because the two quick wits together (umm, that was WITS) is bound to be hysterical.

But this is about me and my blog, so back to my award. I'm sure that this had been man-ified, because it's previous iteration was all colorful. I am including that image at the bottom, in case anyone wants to see it in its former pink glory.

So other than generally being awesome what did I do to win this prestigious award? Did you not see that I am both funny AND awesome? What else is there?

Now, there are rules... I can't help that. (Seemingly ever-changing rules as it was just the 10 facts and 6 benefactors)
Give back the love to he or she who bestowed said award. In case you missed it, is from whence it came. Answer 7 questions and give 10 random interesting facts about yourself. Pay it forward to seven equally deserving blogs.


1. What is your favourite song?  
For the love of all that is good...who put a U in favorite? Same people who have a twisted sense of humoUr and probably go to the theatRE? Anyway, I'm a lover of different kinds of music. I think if you ask me this question, you'd get a different answer each day. I like to sing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, so let's go with that until tomorrow.

2. What is your favourite dessert?
Mohave... but it was close.  OH! Two s's makes it the food. Pecan Pie with whipped cream.

3. What do you do when you're upset?
There are so many "upsets" that a person can be.  I typically fight hard not to puke with an upset stomach.  When I am sad, I talk to my wife.  When I am mad, I vent to the nearest person that isn't making me mad.  I use the word "seriously" and "really" in their question formats...A.LOT....seriously.

4. Which is your favourite pet?
My cats are great except when it comes to catching a frisbee.  Then the goldfish wins.  Actually I don't have a Goldfish.

5. White bread or whole meal?
I've never been to prison where I only got bread and water, so I'd say I would have to opt on eating a whole meal over a piece of bread any day.  Now, if this is a nutty European way of saying Whole Wheat, then this white bread likes some white bread.

6. What's your biggest fear?
My biggest fear is not that I am inadequate. My biggest fear is that I am powerful beyond measure. (yeah you can look up the rest by author Marianne Williamson... Very moving)

7. What's your attitude most of the time?
Upright to semi-upright.  I get 6-8 hours of sleep when I am reclined.


See the boredom I created here.  I'm funny, just not that randomly least not to myself.

1. I was uncredited on the movie Broadcast News. Well, my shoulder was.

2. I can touch my nose with my tongue (because it is too gross to say I can pick my nose with my tongue, aren't you glad I held back?)

3. I like rock climbing but only inside.

4. I have been out of the country, but I've never had a passport.

Seven Brides for Seven Samurai, Seven days until Sunday (otherwise known as the 7 suckers that have to find 7 more...)

1. Lainey from Lainey's Life Lessons is the spinner of wonderful and colorful tales.
2. Zannah over at Write, Rinse, Repeat is epically funny and it shows in her writing.
3. YFP writes The Young Female Professional and her stories harken me back to my own post college days in the brave new employment world.
4. Carrie over at Adventures in Mommyhood is a riot, just don't get her started about Red Solo Cup unless you want a real riot.
5. If you aren't reading Pickleope, you should be...go on...we'll wait.
6. (Insert Your Name Here)  it's not that I don't have 2 more shout outs, I'm just tired and want everyone to get in on the love.
7. (Insert Your Name Here)  it's not that I don't have 2 more shout outs, I'm just tired and want everyone to get in on the love.

Use this one if you like!


  1. WriteRinseRepeatJune 4, 2012 at 10:04 PM

    Your cat can't catch a frisbee? Damn. Thanks, my dude! Will pass this one on as soon as I'm rested from my vacation...

  2. Hahaha I forgot that Australians stick a U into places it doesn't belong! And the whole wheat/meal thing too...

    Only four random facts? What is this?

  3. Who put the U in favourite you ask well this Aussie wonders why you Yanks took the U out of I can remember when there was two types of bread white and there are so many you can lose count when you go

  4. Pickleope Von PickleopeJune 4, 2012 at 11:10 PM

    Oh sweet relief, I made the top 5! Thank you very very much.
    Ew, you like white bread, White Bread? I bet you like mayonnaise too, White Bread. (It's really fun to call people "White Bread". Sorry. But it is.)

    Fun fact: The difference in spelling between U.S. and England English is a result of one man, Webster. Him and his dictionary jacked up international spelling for all time. But if Brits complain about the U.S.'s dumb spelling, then Brits have to fix their dumb electrical outlets. Make 'em universal, White Bread (dammit that's so much fun!).

  5. The English keep the U in, it was the yanks that too it out ;)

  6. We wonder why you put in a 'z' instead of a 's'

    analysing, not analyzing.

    But good work mate, you've been working hard here and it is still paying off. 

    Michael and I get together often to discuss the jokes we have written of late, well after the usual 30mins of peanut butter vs. Nutella debates, but we end up writing more while we sit there. 

    There is no licence, but we just got ID cards that identify us as part of a scene. And When I held the freshly laminated card last night all I could think of was the famous words of Groucho Marx, "I wouldn't be a member of a club that would except the likes of me as a member"

  7. Congratulations on the award and thank you for making your acceptance post so entertaining ;-)

  8. Oh dear Lord, are you telling me we've dumbed down the English language? I'm shocked!

  9. I always like when bloggers I follow in an award! Congrats to all the winners. And for the losers...hahahaha.

  10. I know, they are far too lazy.

  11. I was random faxed out. My entire blog is random.

  12. Oh, you're out of the 8 grain? I suppose I can suck it up and get the 9 grain. I like when my sandwiches look like lunchmeat on two suet patties.

  13. Yeah, and you know what white bread is good for White Bread? Its good for Toast! Its also good for home slice, Home Slice!

  14. We felt that the Z was lonely.
    I love the Groucho line.

  15. Thank you and You're Welcome. I love the email addy...

  16. There are no losers, at least in this PC blogger award game.

  17. Ha! That's embarrassing. I made it at three in the morning though so I'm excused ;-)

  18. Dude, you rock. You are f'ing hilarious! I love the man-ified Kreativ Blogger Aware. You're the first to use it. haha. Did you cheat a little though? I thought there were supposed to be 11 random facts and you were supposed to come up with questions of your own. hmmmm.

  19. I've seen the Kreativ Blogger award in an even girlier form (there were pink flowers everywhere) but I have to say that the manified version goes much better with your blog's color scheme.

  20. As a two time winner, the rules change a little. Frankly the rules changed a lot since I won it before.

  21. I won that one too.

  22.  You're absolutely correct. I guess I've been reading so many that I've lost track, lol.

  23. That is awesome, man.  I totally want to see your shoulder.  Screenshots or it never happened!

  24. Way to leave your own son out of your shout outs. I'm not saying I'm just saying shaggy is pretty awesome so I hear

  25. Haha I will certainly have to try.

  26. I think your blog is fantastic when there is more than Two paragraphs once per month. I talked to shaggy and he agrees.




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