Sunday, June 17, 2012

Reese's Without the Peanut Butter is Just a Kiss

Over at The World As I See It, our resident Aussie funny man Michael D'Agostino is waging a small war on Rusty of Swinging Like a Rusty Gate son of Aussie and his wife Comedie (they spell things different there, so try to read along like as if this were Pygmalion.)

At the risk of alienating all that is good, I have decided to weigh in on a subject that has all the Trader Joe's Hippy masses in a twitter (no, the OLD kind of twitter). I'd like to tell you I am going to talk about Occupy... or Obama... or Oreos?

No, Butter you're getting close.

The age old war between chocolate and peanut butter has found a new stage in this Nutella stuff. I have to tell you when it came out, I thought it was old like Ovaltine. It just sounds like something that was introduced in the sixties on the Howdy Doody show.

That said, I'll take the Peanut Butter any day.

What can make my mouth stick to itself especially when combined with white bread like Wonder? Eh, White Bread? Nothing butter than that.

What when dipped with a spoon and then topped with a few (as many as will stick) chocolate chips gives me satisfaction, yeah THAT Peanut Butter.

What can bring back the childhood memories of a somewhat squished sandwich with grape jelly and the crusts cut off? (Total lie, my mom always made us eat the crusts!) Here is a little known fact, when the bread is cut from corner to corner, as opposed to middle of the side to the middle of the opposite side, you get more sandwich. Ok, I made that up, but it seemed like more bites as a kid, so I figured it was bigger that way.

When arriving upon toast, the PB goes all melty and might actually drip.

We make Jimmy Carter smile that 745 tooth smile whenever we eat it. Who could hate that smile?

On a sandwich alone, Peanut Butter can be combined with :


Jelly (Grape, Strawberry, Blueberry, do NOT try the Kentucky Jelly)


Cream Cheese, don't of my dad's favorites.

Bananas all mashed up.

I'm ok on Nutella, it tastes a little to Hazelnutty for me, but as a compliment to the P to the Butter, sure. Honestly, I feel a little guilty pleasure eating it, as if I was having ice cream for lunch. I have given myself some new ideas to try and perhaps I will move Nutella up accordingly in the rankings.

Nutella on Banana Bread?

Nutella on Grape Nuts cereal?

Nutella on Oatmeal Cookies?

Peanut Butter, Banana and Nutella sandwich?

It just won't ever replace it. Sorry Rusty! Don't be Bitter, just say Butter.



  1. *Sigh* Not you too, welcome to the great debate, it is unfortunate you have picked the wrong side.

    Your post is poetic but that doesn't make it right. Viva la Nutella! (I don't speak Spanish, that might not make sense)

    Everything you said works the same with Nutella, except tastier and more chocolaty ;)

  2. Thrilled to see another banana masher. Every time I mash my peanut butter and bananas together my friends are grossed out. It's so much better that way rather than sliced... they just don't understand.

    Lol, Nutella on Grape Nuts would be gross. Just saying.

  3. You're like the Darth Vader of the Spread Wars, Rusty.

  4. Oh I don't mash them together... Technically I just mash the bananas them spread them on the other side from the PB.

  5. Wait a second here... How can someone not like Nutella? It's like the perfect blend of awesome and delicious! I love peanut butter, but you want to know what makes peanut butter sandwiches more delicious (yes, even more delicious than jelly)? Nutella! And, since I've been eating Nutella since my I was a wee little Rambler when my father was stationed in Germany, I can say with all assurances that Nutella reminds me of all the fondness of being a little kid. And your new Disqus doesn't like me.

  6. Michael G D'AgostinoJune 18, 2012 at 5:03 AM

    That was the most poetic addition yet! But he's still not caving in, we need more...

  7. Michael G D'AgostinoJune 18, 2012 at 5:03 AM

    But thanks, big help!

  8. This is all over Blogger. I really thought Nutella would win because it's everywhere. Good ol' peanut butter. No one and nothing can beat it.

  9. Michael G D'AgostinoJune 18, 2012 at 5:03 AM

    You should totally write one yourself!

  10. Nooooo lol... Please try it my way? And unfailingly you'll end up making too much banana/peanut butter slop which you then have to eat with a spoon..... yum!

  11. Legend! I never even considered how much like a kid Nutella makes you feel.

    It really does :)

  12. Except I can breathe :p

    You guys haven't found the thermo ports yet.

  13. Peanut butter and cream cheese? Holy crap AWESOME! Another addition to Team Peanut Butter. Welcome aboard, I say!

  14. Yea!!! You put PB on one slice and thinly slice the half a banana in little round slithers and as and added insult I put mayo on the other side. Yuuuummmy. If its the a PB sandwich my fav is strawberry jelly. Better than life's bread I keep saying everywhere.
    Team Peanut Butter *air fist*

  15. Quite the spirited discussion.

  16. I still think the spoon is my favorite.

  17. *sigh* why does nobody get the mashed part?

  18. Nutella, peanut butter, and marshmallow fluff on white bread is DA BOMB.

  19. Sounds yummy, gotta get some fluff or marshmallows (and of course, hide it from the kiddies)

  20. Well said! You forgot the pb & cheese sandwich, and pb & honey - especially on toast. When the pb gets all melty and drippy, PLUS the about your "finger-linckin' good"!
    (We're part of the same clan, apparently. I'm checking out our clan-mates.

  21. What kind of cheese? I'm not sure I could go with cheese. I have had PB and honey, yumm.




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