Friday, June 8, 2012

New Look Banner AND the LAST GIVEAWAY!

Hey everyone out there carrying a torch for itsmynd (mainly because you know you need one when spelunking in the caverns of my mind) I've got news!

Back around the Chinese New Year, I wrote a little post about Resolutions and I gave myself quite the time frame to complete said resolutions...given that the Chinese year is longer than ours here in the States.

One of the resolutions was to get a better banner. Something that I could move forward with as my brand. I worked on it a little bit myself, but time and lack of true creative genius held me back.

Shannon (@ldylarke) who is one of my readers stepped forward and created 4 possible candidates for my new header. Because I can never decide on these things, I've decided to let my readership vote. I'm not going to get crazy with this, but I have created a poll following the images. Pick two options. You can come back tomorrow and vote again.

#1 Blue my Mynd

#2 Silver Surfer MYnd
#3 Fire MYnd
#4 White on Black


Last Chance to win some Bloggess Signed Swag! I have already done this twice and the FearlessFibroWarrior took home the first giveaway, while YoungmanBrown won the second giveaway.

Recently, I saw the Bloggess at the Gaithersburg Book Festival where I gave her a proper throne to sit upon. During this visit, I was able to have her sign 3 puppets. I had intended to get three different puppets, but it worked out as two Copernicus (of my own making) and 1 Beyonce. I am sure you would love to have these for framing or pasting in your own book.

Here is what you get,
obviously she touched it too!

I am NOT selling these items. I am offering them to those who are loyal readers and who haven't had the opportunity to drink of the awesomesauciness of the Bloggess.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For those of you who are thinking you've done all this before, you can simply click each of the links and you should register a vote. (for instance, Following ItsMynd on Google, click it even if you already follow the blog)
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  1. AmericasNextTopMommyJune 8, 2012 at 7:34 AM

    I love the fourth banner! I'm with ya on getting a new banner. I've been putting up different mastheads and while it's fun to do something every month, I really need a font that's known as "mine" ya know?

  2. I'm new to your blog so I'll let other people vote for the Bloggess puppet - and anyway, I just won her book in a blogging challenge *blows one nails* so I'm pretty happy for the moment.

    About the banners - I was just thinking the other day how much I like the one you have. However, the fire one is pretty cool too so I've voted for both. :)

  3. I'm with Lady in Red. I think the one you have is awesome but the Fire one jumped out at me too.

    About the contest - One of these days, I just know I'll win something, maybe not on here but - somewhere out there (singing). Speaking of singing, not that you are into musicals but those of you out there that do like them, check out Andrew Lloyd Webter's sequel to Phantom  of the Opera "Love Never Dies". ALW is an f'ing genius. One of the most aweseome productions I've ever seen.

  4. Yes, branding is important. Can't switch stuff up on a whim.

  5. Oh, you can totally enter the giveaway! There are some things I like about most of them including the current one.

  6. I've seen Phantom 3 times, so I will be all over the new one, thanks for letting me know.  Where is it?

    I sure hope you win this time, not that I dislike my other readers, but you've entered all my giveaways so far!  Thanks for your loyal readership.

    FYI, seriously epic project at work completing very soon, so hopefully my creativity will expand in the Mynd world.  I have a few posts queued up.


  7. Awesome!!! a fellow musical lover. I have the Phantom CD, piano book, DVD and a music box and I've gone to see it every time it comes to town at the Orpheum. I didn't realize there was a sequel until I had to get a new cable box for my TV and it wiped out my Yanni recordings. I was so hearbroken so when I got the new box I was scanning our local PBS channel WKNO (where they have things like this) I happened to see it was coming up the following weekend and I set it to record. I had forgotten about it this past week and remembered last night and OMG was it awesome. I was so totaly not expecting what happened and the production seriously gets better.  Nothing will ever be as close to my heart as Phantom and Les Miserable though. So that being said, I'm not sure WHERE to tell you to find it as I just happened across it THANK GOD!!!! You probably don't get this station where you are but I'll see what I can do to find out.

  8. If I recall correctly, the images are transparent. Meaning they can have any color background. I can, of course, change any of them the way you want. I just *quickly* did those up with some subtle font changes. I know most people will want the flashy fire one lol. I can make other flashy ones too, if you like. Also, if you provide me a photo of you I can add it in as well.

  9. The second time was my second date with my wife. She was captured by the music immediately...could have been the chandelier...

  10. As long as the content doesn't change, I'm happy :)

  11. The content will be getting better. My creativity is drained by work projects and migraines.

  12. Did you have luck finding my brain matter? (yeah I just wanted to say that!) I can send you a picture and maybe we can cartoon it like the one I have now.

  13. Change is a good thing isn't it.................well isn't it..............I think it is.......
    but what the hell do I know.............

  14. or you could get @joelduggan to make you one like mine. :)

  15. Horray!  I won!!!  Thanks so much man!

    As for your banner, I do like how it looks now, but I also very much like the first and fourth options.

    If you do happen to keep the original, or something like it... might I suggest that every once in a while you change it to give yourself a goofy sombrero or an eye patch.  Just once a day every three months or so.  Cause that would be pretty awesome.

    But make sure it is on the day that I go around and catch up on two weeks worth of other people's blog posts.

  16. Sure sombrero and eye patch with a hidden Youngman Brown kicker...




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