Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wanna Be Bennifer and ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!

Because "Bennifer"
is better than "Jen"
I wanna be Bennifer...

As it is, I'm not, I'm Dot.

Everyone remembers Bennifer, right?  When Ben Afleck and Jennifer Lopez met on the set of Gigli (curses upon my house for even saying the name out loud) they became a couple and so ingrained in the eye of the media became the overnight sensation "Bennifer."

If I have to explain the name, you may just want to stop reading right now. (though I did bring up Gigli!)

IMHO, A Cuter Jennifer
Ben still doesn't look happy?
Now, Bennifer just wasn't meant to be. His uptight Boston and her Latin roots were like Peanut Butter and Pickles with Banana Cream sauce. (this goes out to all my pregnant readers). 

As all good things must come to an end, often making way for the window to be opened to new and exciting ventures and partnerships, like... Bennifer 2 : Electric Bugaloo.  That's right, Ben had met Jennifer Garner while filming Daredevil. (some might say I should stop with Bad Affleck movies, but because some enjoyed this one I feel safe) Ben threw caution to the wind and married this girl.  (I can imagine that JG had some trepidation about letting Ben do any more movies).

So in order to span the globe and bring your the variety of sport, wait...that's Wide World of Sports.  I'm more likely to bring you the constant variety of my mind, which often resembles the skier crash on WWoS. Anyway, I decided to start a list of crummy couple names that might get you laughed at worse than if you starred in *that movie*.

Shawn and Patrick - Pawn or Shatrick
Scott and Dawn - Scawn or Dot
Rick and Debra - Rebra or Dick

Nellie and J-Lo - Jellie or Ellio

Holly and Adam - Hodam or Ally
Jeff and Elaine - Jaine or Eleff.
Kelly and John - Jelly or Kohn
Shandra and PitBull - umm, yeah or Pandra

Leave me a comment (enter the giveaway) and give me some exciting examples of couplehood that should never be combo'd.

Brennifer way better than..


You've been waiting patiently and I said I would do it.  I have already done this once and the FearlessFibroWarrior took home the prize. Recently, I saw the Bloggess at the Gaithersburg Book Festival where I gave her a proper throne to sit upon. During this visit, I was able to have her sign 3 puppets. I had intended to get three different puppets, but it worked out as two Copernicus (of my own making) and 1 Beyonce. I am sure you would love to have these for framing or pasting in your own book.

Here is what you get,
obviously she touched it too!

I am NOT selling these items. I am offering them to those who are loyal readers and who haven't had the opportunity to drink of the awesomesauciness of the Bloggess.

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  1. LaineyLifeLessonsMay 31, 2012 at 9:08 PM

    Umm, that would be Jay and Lainey make Jainey or Lay, not Jeff and Elaine make Jaine or Eleff.  What happened to blog anonymity? 

    Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell make Gurt or Koldie.

  2. I find it bloody annoying when the press makes up names like Bennifer they are just so bloody stupid............and these stupid names linger long after the relationship has been dead and buried 

  3. Mike Young and Scott Jung.... Youngung..... Jungung.... how about we leave it at Michael Scott... oh wait, I think Steve Carell has that one locked up.

  4. Jessica Simpson and Kevin Fediline... J-Fed?

  5. Can't we just be friends? I don't like you like you, not like that. I like you as a friend. I don't want to ruin a good friendship.
    It's like high school just replayed for me, lol.

  6. Yeah, could you tell it was tongue in cheek?

  7. I don't know who any of those people are, any likeness to any persons real is unintended.

  8. OK I will give you myself and my ex. I don't have a present significant other. Sheila and Johnny would be Jeila/Shonny or Sheonny. Not very creative. I don't even like the sound of it now, lol.

  9. Now I have to date J-Lo because I want us to be known as Jellie.

  10. Or a Jackson, Jennifer, John, Jordan

    But if J-Lo is your thing...

  11. You know what? Here. Have an award.




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