Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pick Your Spot to Kick Cancer's Butt


This is John.



Cancer survivor

Married to a Cancer survivor



John is one of "those" guys. Selflessly riding 100 miles on a bicycle because you think he can't or won't, betting you that he will. His goal is to beat Leukemia and Lymphoma. Sounds simple doesn't it? Have you tried riding a bike 10 miles without stopping? Yeah, that's nothing compared to riding 100.

Tragically, a 100 mile bike ride is nothing like living a day with blood cancer.

As if you need reasons to donate, but here they are:

1. It's Cancer and you know you know someone who survived it or didn't, you know?

2. It's tax deductible.

3. You'll make me very happy and I will feature donors in a future post.

4. John is turning himself into a human billboard on race day and will be writing the name of every donor on his exposed flesh, so give in the name of your blog or my blog or a loved one... Heck! Mother's Day is tomorrow! What mom wouldn't want to be all over this hot sweaty man?

Why are you still here? Click the link!



  1. I think all people who do things like this are amazing

  2. My best friend since I was 14 died of Leukemia 5 years ago, my ex-in laws both died of cancer some year ago, my mother is a breast cancer survivor and I have more friends and family that, I have so many friends, classmates and family that cancer has touched. I always enter all cancer 5ks when they are available here and sponsor those that are doing the overnight bike, 100 mile RT one. Its a monster I hope one day to eradicate. I so admire people that go through these things which such courage and tenacity. I think they are amazing and many prayers go out to your friend.

  3. That's quite a story. I was set to ride last fall and had what my physician thought was a recurrence of a sports hernia.




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