Friday, May 4, 2012

If I had a Photography Blog...

The beauty of writing a blog without paid advertisement is that when I give a shout out, it is a proper shout out.

I love unique photography. I love macro photography. I love nature photography. I'm an average photographer. I can live with this...

I am privileged to know some outstanding photographers. I'm not sure what you can hire them for or buy from them, but checking them out is nothing but a rare view of the world...

Kerry Watson is a newer friend of mine from a shared love of the Washington Capitals.
Kerry's Facebook site is called K.R. Watson Photography.

The next photographer I've known a few years more than that. Dana L. Jung Photography is an outstanding collection of photos from someone with a camera continuously in her hand.

Here is a very small sampling of my shots.  I obviously like shooting Salt Water tank shots and Flowers, but I am not limited by those muses.  I am only limited by time and creativity.

Coral Banded Shrimp
Blue Polyps

Pompom Xenia

Red Rose - a bit cliche
I was mesmerized by the pollen

I figured out backlighting
I would really like closer and
so fast the wings appear stopped.

Please take the time to visit my friends sites on Facebook and enjoy their sites.

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  1. I think you take lovely pictures. I am an amateur photographer also and have taken lots of photos of hummingbirds, flowers, all kinds of shot from Hardy, AK mountains and rivers. My ex had a farm there. And of course there are the thousands of photos I have taken of my children over the years. Some have been so awesome that the whole family has enlarged several to 8x10 and hung them on their walls. I love photography. Thanks for the post. Beautiful.

  2. BTW, in response to your doppleganger, Anthony Edwards, you really do look a lot like him and I think he's pretty handsome.  Just sayin.....

  3. So nice of you to put your sister second!

  4. Wooo such lovely photos I could have a photography blog but I would have to pinch photos from someone else, you know someone who can take a good

  5. I've always wanted to take up photography, but I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I am horrible at it, and I may never improve.

  6. Glad you saved that for your first official comment...

  7. Takes a lot of practice.




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