Thursday, May 24, 2012

GIVEAWAY #1 oh and If Marijuana Was Like Raw Oysters

I love me some raw oysters...

The Loogie of the Sea! Yes, I've heard all the snide remarks... I don't care. I've had Oysters in so many ways that I sound like Bubba in Forest Gump listing Shrimp recipes.

By far my favorite is the Oyster shooter. The basic recipe is as follows:

1 Oyster, shucked from its shell with the juice
An ounce or so of VodkaLime juice
A Shot or 2 of Tabasco
Now you can do this without the Vodka, you can replace the Tabasco with Cocktail Sauce (the horseradish should be fresh) and Lime or Lemon makes no difference to me.

I actually prefer the no vodka recipe, but with a nice half beer chaser. Something on the darker, Porter-ish side works fine by me.

Now I'm sure that Marijuana is similar to Oysters. WOAH! That's a significant drop of the trannie dude. (Transmission, not cross-dresser).

Think about it, if you've ever been to a reputable raw bar, you can order from a few locations, sometimes far and wide, sometimes just different "necks" of the same body of water. Each will have a different flavor. I love to get the sampler dozen. I'd say the norm is either 2 from 6 different places or 3 from 4 different places.

So can you get the same thing on illegal illicit drugs? What if I was a stoner and I wanted the 12 pack with joints from different blocks? Perhaps just some different growers? I'm pretty sure I'd want the Pineapple Express for sure.

Now how about cocaine? Can you get that from different countries, similar to buying caviar? Could you get a sampler from different sources?


You've been waiting patiently and I said I would do it. Recently, I saw the Bloggess at the Gaithersburg Book Festival where I gave her a proper throne to sit upon. During this visit, I was able to have her sign 3 puppets. I had intended to get three different puppets, but it worked out as two Copernicus (of my own making) and 1 Beyonce. I am sure you would love to have these for framing or pasting in your own book.

Here is what you get,
obviously she touched it too!

I am NOT selling these items. I am offering them to those who are loyal readers and who haven't had the opportunity to drink of the awesomesauciness of the Bloggess.

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  1. I'm sure cocaine is marked by it's undertones, like fine wine. For instance, Ajax would give a "clean" high, baby aspirin might prevent a cocaine heart attack, and doing lines off a hookers ass would be "tangy". Right?

  2. Omg, funny response. I would assume that hookers backside would be more coconut flavor. But I always mix in baby aspirin to prevent cocaine induced heart attacks.

  3. What does the give away look like? I can't picture em in my head. Could've been the Fibro Fog (could've been the whiskey) might have been the pot, could've been the 3-4 pain medications but whatever it was I just can't win!

    Without seeing pics :D

  4. I have never tried  Oysters and don't think I ever However the whole drug references is over me yeah maybe I am just cold but honesly I can't get me head around it

  5. No oysters in the land down under? Or you just don't go near them?

  6. And there you go.

    And don't worry, I haven't forgotten giveaway #2 where we also vote on the 4 header images.

  7. I haven't tried oysters either. Have eaten snails (escargot), mussels, squid, octopus, crab and lobster but not oysters. Not about to try them any time soon either! All that other stuff was in my adventurous youth! I'm not so brave these days haha

  8. Oysters are most like mussels of the things you've listed.

  9. I have a huge problem eating things that look alive. Even crab legs and lobster is a stretch for me lol. and I cannot eat ANY kind of fish except haddock or cod.

  10. I would never get the Loogie by the Sea past my throat before blowing.

  11. Haha, I'll eat your portion.

  12. Is this contest rigged or something? I believe Aimee won the book contest and now this one. I was just wondering if I should even try for the next one, *laughing out loud here*. just kidding.

  13. Actually Jo-Anne won the e-book. And I know you are kidding.

    There are two more and if I wasn't so freakin' swamped at work with a project, I would probably have time to write more...

  14. I'm sorry, I understand swamped. Its why I got behind on reading my favorite blogs the past 2 weeks and just now catching back up. *sigh*




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