Saturday, May 5, 2012

Didn't You Wear That Yesterday?

These are words that you will almost NEVER hear a guy say to another guy.

Only thing a guy will notice is any kind of stain or spot in the front of the pants area.



I could wear the same outfit all week and provided I didn't wet myself, in a workplace of all guys, no words would be spoken, no disapproving looks. Heck, I could probably tell male co-workers that I was saving on laundry by wearing the same pants all week and likely be lauded for my brilliance and frugality.

Women notice all the clothes. I'm confident that the same color socks with a slightly different pattern would be scrutinized and remarked upon at some point during the day.

I'm glad I am not a woman because the pressure to come up with enough outfits to get several weeks worth of clothes would be too much for me. You have to allow enough time for coworkers to forget that an outfit has been worn recently or hear the catty whisperings from two offices away about "omg, she just wore that like 10 days ago!"

This explains a lot of the closet size difference and the need to shop.

Of course, you also won't hear the following either:

"Dude, those khakis look awesome, they totally make your ass look good." or "that crew neck sweater is totally kick ass, you can either wear it, or tie it around your neck all preppy style."

Yeah...No! The only kicked ass will be yours.

Facial Hair on the other hand (wouldn't that be hand hair? from too much of things that make you go blind? wait, what?) is something that guys notice apparently? Its as blatant as the nose on your face, perhaps proximity to the nose is the key?

In hopes of greater aerodynamics and overall youthful sexiness, I shaved the other night (in addition to my regular haircut, because I was becoming a hippy) and the next morning three of my male coworkers noticed and mentioned it. I found this a little curious given the previous point about guys lack of attention to those types of things.

One of my female coworkers struggled and when one of the male coworkers made a reference to the missing facial hair, she said “you had a mustache?”


Now the picture to the left is the same as the one above except for one thing. As the women begin the virtual "Where's Waldo" game, guys are thinking one of two or three things:

1. You couldn't take a picture that I could look at without seeing a dude's backside?

2. Who cares?

3. Seriously, who cares?

Meanwhile the girls have already entertained that the unseen shoelaces are longer in the one picture than the other. They've talked themselves into different hand size.

In reality, one picture is slightly smaller. Like the artist contest in the funny papers, you have to draw the picture in a different scale which means you can't trace it. No seriously, that really is the only difference.

Have you ever worn different color socks on purpose?



  1. Whenever I wear boots, I tend to just grab 2 socks.  This works if I'm not at work-but if I have to take my shoes off to go into the "baby" room, I'm usually embarrassed because I forget I have one "Adventure Time" knee high, and one wool argyle.


  2. That's a photo-op if ever there was...

  3. Yes I hear you my husband is like that will wear the same shirt more then one day if I let him, I will take the dirty shirt and toss it in the wash basket.....why because wearing the same shirt more then once makes him stink but I have no problem with him wearing the same pants for more then one Me I like to change all my clothes each and every day.........

  4. I hope what you say about women isn't true because I wear the same pair of pants all week. Different shirts, same pair of pants. And shoes, I wear the same pair until I have to buy new ones.

  5. Great post! I have somehow been "blessed" with overly vain men in my life. Guys who may spend more time in the mirror than I do. Granted, they have been pretty good eye candy but please! Seriously? 

    My hubby is such a man. I suspect the number of times he brushes his hair in a day is in the triple digits. Even when he has been at home all day. Uh huh.. So yeah, I get how guys tend to not care how many times a week they wore clothing and women DO. I dare to say that men are more likely to be better "groomed" than some women. Not that they do the grooming thing better, but that they care a LOT more than you ever suspected :D Example in point is your reference to how men notice facial hair. I dare to say if you went to work with a new hair cut they'd notice too.:DA different style even. Or a manicure!

  6. I would often wear the same pair of pants to work as well. But only because it saved having to do that much more laundry and my pants were always classic office wear (black, grey, black, black, black) anyway. I've also held enough jobs that had a uniform requirement. So it's not a big deal to me at all. 

    Personally, I was never one of "those" women who wanted to discuss hair color, nail color or whether you were a "summer" or a "winter" complexion! Not all women are fashion obsessed, right? :D We do exist, honest!

  7. or it didn't happen! lol we know it did. Seriously though, own it and say you wore em on purpose :D 

    I think our WilyGuy should do an experiment! Wear different colored socks on purpose and report back! :D

  8. Oh. Yikes. I totally wear the same pair of pants all week to save time on laundry! (Let's just hope the men in my life think I'm brilliant!)

  9. Oh, I'm not sure a manicure gets noticed, but I'm not willing to try. Lol.

  10. I know that you do. For as many of you as exist, there are probably 5 more that remember what your hair looked like at the last family reunion 2 years ago...

  11. We totally don't notice unless you tell us. Now that you have... BRILLIANT!

  12. Maybe it is different in different parts of the world...

  13. Nothing wrong with either one...

  14. I'm not sure I have an Adventure Time or a wool argyle sock.
    I have worn socks that don't match.

    My wife's boss wore the wrong shoe one day. She has purchased shoes in different colors and mistakenly wore two of different colors. I actually think everyone noticed, but not too many guys said anything.

  15. I figure if there isn't a personal cloud of "aroma" following ya around, you are ok to go! lol that and the fact that to do laundry I have to lug it back and forth along the hallway and down 18 floors (elevator). it sucks!

  16. Oh, you moved on up? To a D lux apartment in the sky?

    But yeah, I hate the cologne bathers...




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