Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Half-Vast Ideas III : Return of the Last Ultimatum


I've guaranteed the success of my third post in the series with its name. If you look at successful trilogies and their names, the top 7 have been honored here. (Noting that several trilogies had no subtitle, like the Godfather trilogy.)



I write down snippets as I go along and often I put lots of these abnormal thoughts together because alone they aren't enough to be an entire post. My ideas don't get written down so they can mature, they really 'immature!'


In that spirit, I have multiple things of note this week, completely unrelated to each other, but I work hard for you to blend otherwise unblended items, like a pickle and peanut butter smoothie.




Speaking of yum, Chick-Fil-A introduced their own version of Spicy Chicken to the world a few months ago. As with most things Chick, this is a quality product that excites my senses and together with some waffle fries makes my day better.

I would, however, caution them to be a bit more diligent in labeling as the box disturbed me upon opening.

- - -

Actual conversation in my car on Shaggy's birthday...

Shaggy: so and so is color blind
NumbChuck (Shaggy's friend): yeah she can't see fluorescent colors and purple looks blue
Shaggy: I know what I'm wearing to school, all fluorescent colors!
Me: You DO know that doesn't make you invisible to her, right?

- - -

I was in the supermarket here in town and I was treated to some of the worst use of vocabulary and grammar ever. I've dealt with some of my pet peeves already such as the use of the word "broke" instead of "broken" but far more offensive is the following dialog that occurred as I was standing in front of the credit card machine...

Front End Supervisor: {to cashier whose name I have omitted from both the story and my Mynd} did you break it again? (referring to the machine I was using)

Cashier: No. You know I'm being haved.

Me: (thankfully in my mind) OMG it's BEHAVING!

- - -

Ever have one of those math teachers who believed that homework was crucial and repetition was never enough? (Ever thanked them?) My twisted brain wanders and wonders what they are like out of school... The Denominatrix, she ties you down and makes you do fractions.

- - -

So, in the course of my normal abnormal eugoogling, I come across a new concept, "Removable Wall Art" - Why would you put art on a removable wall?


- - -

I eat a fair amount of chicken. Can you imagine if all those chicken parts got put back together and the zombie chicken came after me? Poultrygeist!





  1. I used to live in a town called Dix. My parents still live there. Dix, Illinois.

    On a side note, have you seen the movie POULTRYGIEST?

  2. Sounds like a rough week for you! Be having while being tied down by a Denominatrix, forced to do fractions while watching Poultrygeist. 

    Man, wouldn't wish that on anyone! You poor guy. Btw, I'd stay away from eating anything labeled "Spicy Dix". You may want to cut back on the chicken altogether lol

  3. There's a MOVIE? Sounds like my kind of flick!

    Does your town name explain anything about you? I grew up on Memory Lane... to this day people still don't believe me.

  4. Yeah, for some reason... I just keep eating them....

    Glad you enjoyed the madness...

  5.  The movie is a Troma horror flick. The same guys who made the TOXIC AVENGER.


    As for the town, we rarely even heard jokes. People from out of town would make a remark or two, but for those of us who lived there, it's just the way it was.

    There is a barber there who makes house calls. Whenever we saw him, we would say, "There's the guy who cuts hair around Dix."

  6. People who love dix, don't care what others think...

    its a motto!

  7.  That is good. I will introduce it at the next city council meeting.

    Maybe we can put it on the sign welcoming people into town.

  8. It's that simple to being invisible.

    That's pretty cute :)

    I wonder if Shaggy thinks when she is seen if she is being haved

  9. Great post I also get annoyed when I hear some people talking and saying something is broke instead of broken and if I heard someone say being haved it would really bug me but I would be a good little girl and say nothing because people who talk like that are likely to knife you for the fun of




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