Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Peter Furler Moment


Many of my loyal readers have no idea who Peter Furler is, and I will leave that to your Googling (because some work you have to do on your own) but suffice it to say, this is one unintentionally scarey dude.

I say unintentionally because after your aforementioned Googling, you will realize that this guy does not want to scare you, despite his impishly evil grin pictured here.

So beyond TRYING to run into him at a 7-11 near where he was at one time, I have seen him with other people, but nothing up close and personal.

Until the other day...

So, I'm standing in my local Ace hardware, where I am revered as a client. I have the unique ability to envision ways to screw up a project, yet at the same time NOT actually plan ahead for said screw ups. They get to see me quite often.

I had had a discussion with one of my many admirers cleverly disguised as an Ace employee. I was in the process of checking out and chatting with Mrs Mynd.

Thinking my friend had come to discuss another of the finer points of my really bad home improvement plan, I wasn't surprised to peripherally see someone lean against the counter to my right.

When I turned, however, a slightly ghoulish bald headed man that I had not expected was the leaner and he was looking at me. Now, I am sure he was simply waiting his turn, all the while admiring the purchases that would inevitably lead to repeated trips to my Ace, but that wasn't what my eyes told me on first glance.

Suffice it to say, the bald head and intense stare was enough to conjure images of Mr. Furler and cause me to startle. Mrs. Mynd indicated that my start was not enough to draw her attention, but I felt as if I had seen a ghost and the startle was like a wet juicy one in church.

Difficult as it is to believe, my balding leaner was not Mr. Furler or anyone of import outside his own mind.

Beyond watching then Capitals player, now Capitals coach Dale Hunter buying beer, I have not had too many celebrity run ins.

Have you ever had any close encounters of the famous kind?




  1. I have run into a couple of different celebrities over the years.  Mostly Capitals or Bullets players.  I often run into former Lt Governor and RNC Chairman Michael Steele at the local Giant. 

    I also saw actor Lou Diamond Phillips at a restaurant when I was on a
    business trip in Atlanta a couple years back.  I didn't want to
    interrupt his meal, so I sent a Tweet asking if he was there.  He
    replied back and said I should have said hello.

    PS-isn't the aforementioned Mr Furler the former lead singer of The Newsboys?

  2.  Close encounter of the famous kind no never I have not been that unlucky yes I said unlucky but I have no desire to meet anyone famous as it will be my luck that if I did meet someone famous they would be in a bad mood and then it would turn me off sister had somehting like that happen to her and she hasn't liked the guy since............

  3. I may one of the rare readers who knows who he is! When I was a teenager (and a good girl that went to church LOL) We had the Newsboys perform at one of our multi church youth group functions one year. I never got to actually meet him though, just watched him sing. :)

    As for close encounters of the famous kind, I've been lucky enough to have several in my life. I had Wayne Newton hold a door open for me at a hair salon once in Las Vegas, I ended up in an elevator with Michael Jordan one time, and the best one was when I had a full 30 minute conversation about action figures with Erik Kramer (former quarterback for the Chicago Bears) and didn't even know that it was him until my coworker pointed it out to me.

  4. I don't know who that is, but I worked in Hollywood for just a bit and met quite a few celebrities, directors and producers.  Most of them I liked...not Richard Gere, though.  Maybe, it was just a bad evening... 

  5. I saw Harrison Ford once when he was filming a movie in Olde Town, Alexandria the area I'm from.  I make sure to tell people about it whenever I can fit it into conversation!!! lol

  6. My better half and I walked past Pamela Anderson with her kids at the bagel shop a few years back.  I whispered to him, "hey,we just walked past Pamela Anderson."  To which he replied, "really???  I didn't notice."

    Well played, Better Half, well played.

  7. I got to meet and work with a famous Australian comedian. It rocked my world.

  8. I've been around several actors while movies were being film here in Memphis. Tom Cruise (The Firm), Dennis Quaid (Great Balls of Fire) I was 5 months pregnant at the time and jumped out of bed to drive to Jerry's Snow Cone for the filming, haha, Steven Segal lived here for a while because his child was at LeBonheur Children's hospital. He was on Beale Street quite a bit and Woody Harrelson (The People vs. Larry Flint). I was working in a building across from where they were filming the tobacco shop scene and I was on the l7th floor. We all watched it for 2 days, lol. No we didn't get much work done. Usually when there is a film in memphis you can find the actors on Beale Street, Rendevous, Corky's, etc. lol. I never really talked with any of them because, what would i say of importance anyway. It was enough to see them up close and personal.

  9. I also have a Newsboys CD, maybe 2. I've been remiss in listening to my music lately.

  10. Indeed. Michael Steele called me a year after I left the Governor's office to get my opinion on a smart phone.
    No hello to La Bamba? Sad.

  11. I can see how that could happen. I try not to make a big deal if I see a celebrity. They are after all, just people.

  12. Those are great! I think the fact that you didn't realize it was Erik Kramer made it more natural for both of you.

  13. So Richard was a 'Dick' at least the time you met him?

  14. Was that when he was filming Patriot Games? I worked in Annapolis then and the city was buzzing from him being there.

  15. Indeed! Though we are often more clueless than we even let on.

  16. Mr Furler is actually an Aussie, I half expected you to say you grew up chums with his sister. Australia is small like that you know... :)

  17. Wow, you're seemingly the hub for movie making...

  18. Sometimes iTunes on complete random is pretty cool for remembering songs you love.




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