Monday, February 20, 2012

The League of Extraordinarily Self-Important People (LESIP)

You've undoubtedly heard of the League of Justice. Possibly you've seen The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I'm not planning to talk about them today. Well, other than having them hit lead-off on this blog. Consider them intentionally walked and now the cleanup hitter is coming to the plate.


I could probably have just left the title and had enough people shaking their heads in affirmation.

Ever been in a meeting with someone who can't be bothered to even look up? You feel like saying, "do you mind joining us?" In technical meetings, where it isn't uncommon for people to bring their laptops to take notes or look things up in systems, often instant messages and emails draw attention away from the meeting's agenda. This isn't what I'm talking about. I'm talking about blatant disregard for anything being said because it just doesn't make the "I care" radar.

How about the guy who is actually talking in the meeting when his phone that he has silenced begins to buzz in his pocket. He should just finish his thought right? No, let's turn slightly away, shuck the phone from the pocket and tell the person on the other end that you'll "call them right back!" because that isn't distracting at all! Either take the dang call and we'll discuss things while you are away...or DON'T take the call at all.

The League of Extraordinarily Self-Important People (LESIP) has been plaguing mere mortals since time began. The truly interesting difference between this organization and other similar organizations is that you invite yourself in and only you can kick yourself out.

They and their sister organization LRSAP (League of Ridiculously Self-Absorbed People) aren't like the AARP where a certain age is required.

They aren't like MADD where there is common issue drawing people together, because well it isn't about anything but them and not even a collective them, but rather a lot of ME!

LESIP isn't like AA or GA in that even though organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous are about individuals and you have the ability to opt in and opt out, anonymity isn't in the code book for the Self-Important. Not to mention that they have no flaws...duh!

How to spot a member

(unless you ARE a member, in which case keep on living your naive and annoying life free from the consequences of this):

In discussions about a group project, LESIP members will always take personal credit and the time to point out the need for credit for the things that have gone right in the project.

In discussions about a group project, LESIP members will deflect any problems with the project as either things poorly communicated to them or not communicated at all. Likely if any problem is identified, "the team" will have to adjust and work harder.

LESIP members are most likely to ignore or decline your meeting request unless you are a direct supervisor. On the other hand, they will be the first to complain when you point out a schedule conflict that disallows your attendance to THEIR meeting as your "being a barrier to success."

LESIP members are all about self-promotion and I don't just mean talking about themselves, though this is the most fascinating subject on the planet, just ask them. What I am talking about is far more insidious. People in LESIP / LRSAP are Org Chart impaired and will often be seen giving orders to others who are at an equivalent level and sometimes higher. Now, they would never try to boss the boss, but if they perceive that their boss is more important than your boss, they will leverage that, and come on, their boss has to be like...THE most important boss since they are THEIR boss. (and that was like a really long run-on sentence) Their vision isn't the greatest when scoping said org chart because they will argue that they don't really report to their boss like the chart implies.

So, all these prettiest little snowflakes run around and make our lives a nightmare. Could be worse I suppose and they could be in public elected office where like the turtle, their self-importance could grow to the size of its environment. Eep!

So, got any good stories about LESIP members in your life?



  1. Can I be zoolander man? He can't turn left but turns right so fast as to create a funnel cloud.

  2. Is that like "The Spleen" haha!

  3. A couple guys at work 

  4. Who were up to no good? Started making trouble in your neighborhood? Come on I need details... Lol!

  5. Should I take it you had a rough day at work?  I work with a member of both LESIP and LRSAP.  All mistakes made by this person are the result of someone else's error or oversight.  I have tire tracks across my back from being repeatedly thrown under the bus by this co-worker.  AND my teammates and I have actually trained ourselves never to ask this person how they are doing as the answer is invariable "Awful" followed by a lengthy list of personal, familial, and pet health impairments and work or school concerns all of which are a further excuse for poor work performance.  Wow, that got my blood pressure up a little and I wasn't even at work today.  My condolences on the illegitimate rodent problem in your office.

  6. Haha my bad, I hit "Post" accidentally, but added some more deets for ya. 

    Pretty awesome comeback by you, though.  Can't beat Fresh Prince.  You just can't.

  7. Just some ongoing drama. Fortunately, some people aren't in my world that often. At least you know and can avoid the drama at work. Sorry to get the BP up.

  8. Yeah, that is the worst when they clearly are just waiting for you to be finished talking.

  9. Wow, I think we all know lots of people who fall into those groups! Great post!

  10. justkeepinitrealfolksFebruary 21, 2012 at 10:21 AM

    My husband's business partner is such a pompous asshole and falls into both categories. He bought a new Jaguar and had to brag to everyone about how much it cost and even kept it under a car cover at work. Who does that??????? Anyway, he only owned it a few months until some guy plowed into his precious Jag and totaled it. I laughed so hard I wet my pants. Karma's a bitch baby!!!!!!

  11. Thanks! When are you moving to Disqus?

  12. Zoinks! I forgot about bragging about salary and expensive stuff they own! Thanks for the 'value add!'
    Thanks, Deb!




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