Monday, February 27, 2012

Being Competitive Fits Us to a T...

This is the current anthem of Shaggy as he works through "the changeling" and the thought of purchasing this women's workout shirt for him did cross my mind. He says this to his older brother, his younger sister, and even foolishly to me. I just wanna be around when his mother 'has a go' on him for being epically stupid enough to test her waters with it.

What is with the youth of today? Better question, what is wrong with society today? As I was shopping this weekend with Mrs. Mynd, I started to be more than my usual observant self... I became my usual observant self with a camera phone. I just think we've become too competitive as a society. Fortunately, most of the angst ridden youth of today have only a slight chance to do anything dumb about it. They're more likely to yell at me "What's your World of Warcraft name? I'm gonna give you a thumb beat down, buddy!" Needless to say that merely mowing my lawn puts me in better overall shape than most of the children of today. But this shirt gives me great pause...

Always win what... Dungeons and Dragons? Some pseudo war-game that makes you think you're a bad dude? You do realize in real war, you don't get to die over and over only to be dropped back in the field of battle exactly where you left off? I mean seriously, if you believe in reincarnation, fabulous...but it doesn't work like that for sure, you'll be lucky if you come back as a possum.

I remember when I was younger and I would "pick fights" with my dad, he'd smile and say "bring a lunchbox and a flashlight, because it's going to be an all night job." At the time, I thought it was a horrible return line and I would mock it almost every time he said it. I remember talking like a big man, telling him it was more like a Snickers job. He had some incredible self-control and in my later adult-father years I admire his ability to put up with me.  Here's another ultra competitive shirt on display at my local store...

I'm just not sure what the 'A' stands for here, my guess is that it isn't any of the following:
"Awesome" or
"Amicable" or
"Alliteration" or
"Abject" or
"Adele" (?!?!?)

Though you probably want "As Advertised"... Instead, I'm going to go with "Absurd!"

So I'm begging for him to ask me again...Yeah I wanna go. I want to show you that it couldn't be more ridiculous for you to try to pick a fight with me, because it is my ring, my gloves, my rules and frankly you're in over your head. So I say...

But I know its just a part of his maturation process that we all must endure, like the smells, and the lack of ability to flush, and the desire to let all the hair grow. This too shall pass!

But I'm more of a lover than a fighter,  I hope that he learns this lesson in time.  This is an accurate representation of my mad skills with the fairer gender...

Hey Baby...
Yeah, you know what's on my mind...

Get away from me before I file a restraining order! CREEP!


  1. The next time he says "Wanna Go?"  I say you put on this t-shirt.

  2. Okay, now I'm just annoyed.  I've been trying to get that boxer "bring it" t-shirt to post in a comment for two days.  No dice.  So I give up and find a link to a t-shirt that's similar in message and NOW the picture loads!

  3. That's OK, Disqus went a little wacky and didn't email me this until late...

  4. I'm still toying with buying him the women's shirt and making him wear it when he says it...




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