Friday, February 24, 2012

2012 February Picture Challenge

This could be your moment to shine... Or not.

I plan to write a three blogposts in the month of March (yay, big fuzzin deal, you do that in a week)

I need your help. I'm challenging myself to write 2 posts solely about a picture. Stand back while I get all prose up in the picture's business.

I need pictures. You can hyperlink in the comments or you can email me at the gmail address that is WilyGuy.


#1 All the Pix that's fit to Print - I will roundup as many of them as I can and post them for your viewing pleasure(?!)

#2 Wacky and Weird, I will devote an entire post to one seriously goofy picture.

#3 Fruity and Cutey, I will devote another post entirely to the cutest picture in the bunch.

Posts may not be in this order.


1. No porn or offensive images that will make children cry.

2. Don't post a picture of someone that you don't have rights to post. If it's already on the webs, probably fair game.

3. Final photo decisions are mine.





  1. So far I've had few entries, making this challenge easy and difficult.

    I'm going to hold until March 1 before I begin any posts.

    Feel free to google weird photos and attach a link.

  2. I'd be totally into this, but you prohibited pictures that would make children cry...  Ah well.  This will have to do.  Is it goofy enough?

  3. For some reason it didn't come through, no link or picture...

  4. Could be because I had to approve it in DISQUS... I'm not big on approval of comments, but I think for pictures, that may be smart. Disqus didn't send me an email indicating I had an unapproved message though!

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