Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Time is Money (For Everyone)

Appointment Times are Suggested

I don't like going to the doctor. It's not a male ego thing, I just don't usually get sick enough that I think I need to go. By the time I get around to calling, I'm normally on the road to recovery.

Appointments make me crazy. I understand that the doctor can't guarantee they will be finished with a patient in X minutes. I also understand that I want the service if I am there. Don't think I'm foolish enough to know that you couldn't make a higher average AND a profit. But, I do need to be there and you'd rather be golfing or saving for your entire summer vacation in the Hamptons.

Normally this wouldn't bother me so much, but understand that my time is ALSO valuable and sitting in your waiting room is not my idea of a good time or good time management. Meanwhile your staff is giving me the evil eye for whatever electronic device I have chosen to bring with me, you know the one where their eyes dart from me to my electronic device to the rack containing the three year old copies of People magazine. I am so certain that in today's age, my cell phone is going to scramble all your machines and bring your practice to a halt. Please people, you're in a large building and those cell signals aren't avoiding your office.

And to top all of this off, my mere act of making a phone call to your office has begun a process whereby my insurance is charged, you've written my name IN PEN in a book, and the doctor has already begun reviewing my chart to refresh his/her memory of my ailments.  Heaven forbid I cancel my appointment within 23 hours and 59 minutes of its expected beginning... I know you're going to charge me. In what other industry would that fly? The car mechanic might get pissy, but he isn't going to charge me if I don't show up with my car. Now I can also drop my car off and get on with my day, a bit impossible to drop off my body at the bones.

Appointment Times are Too Long

We'd love to come out to your house and fix your cable, can you be home on Tuesday? All Tuesday? What?
Seems like everyone that wants to come out to my house for my convenience doesn't understand the concept. Saying you'll be there sometime between 8 and 5 is like me saying i'll file my taxes this year. I like my cable and all, but I'm not taking a day off of work and chaining myself to the house to make your life easier.

I donated an old refrigerator last year and after scheduling the appointment, realized I had to change it to a later date. I called back and rescheduled the pickup. When the first date arrived, I received a nasty call from the company because I wasn't available. Seriously? You need to call I-NCO-MPE-TENT for my answer.

That's on the ID10T backbone of numbers.

I Need a Personal Assistant (not named Siri)

I need someone I can pay to be at my house for cable installation and repair, for furnace maintenance, heck let the dogs out while you're there. 

Additionally, can you go to my doctor's appointments and fill out all the forms, the ones where they just want to collect the same information that they already have on file.  It would be great if you could wear the gown and get the prostate exam for me as well, but I understand you have limits, so don't wear the gown.

They need an app for my phone that keeps me up to date with the current wait for an appointment, like apps that keep track of your flights and any delays. If the doctor is running late due to someone having a heart attack or the kid who hides under the exam table because they don't want a shot, I can know I don't need to leave work right away.

Am I the only one?


  1. Love the BBT reference. :)
    Totally agree on the appointments..both the ones where you're waiting endlessly at the Dr. 's office OR expected to wait 10 hours at home for the cable guy/electrician/random repair guy. Love the idea of an app to keep you posted on when you REALLY need to be there.

  2. Thanks for the comment Lori, could you tell I was waiting in an "Urgent Care" facility, but that I had an "appointment"?

  3. my doctor isn't too bad on keeping us waiting.  when my son was a toddler we had an appointment at a particular doctor's office.  with an appointment, we waited over two hours before they took my sick son back.  I am sure I asked the receptionist multiple times how much longer.  when the doc came in, she said she would forgive my impatience this time. it was the last time she got any money from my family

  4. I thought Mrs. Mynd took Teen Wolf to the doctor this afternoon.  Did you both take off and call it a date?

  5. Oh snap, she would have been impatient for my copayment...

  6. Oh, this was from Sunday when I apparently ate an entire tube sock which became lodged in my throat in what may have been a precursor to Teenwolf's malady.




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