Monday, January 2, 2012

Things I Leave in my Amazon cart

I love (I'm not getting paid to say that either (though I wouldn't turn away a check or a nice gift card even))

Amazon is one of those places though where, like Home Depot, I struggle with thoughts of inadequacy. (wow, did I just say that out loud? Shewwww, thankfully I only posted it on the Internet)

At Home Depot, I think, "I could always start another project!" (I might not necessarily finish said project, don't judge me!)

Amazon is similar to this.  I always feel like I could buy one more thing if only I could remember what that one thing was.  So more often than not, I find myself staring at the screen knowing I could need something else and it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to get free super saver shipping.

What IS in my cart today?
Like plumbers tape, cable ties, or duct tape at Home Depot, such are the variety of items purchasable on Amazon. They need to stop calling themselves after an ancient woman warrior and use the name that autocorrect knows to be obviously true...Amazing!

So I frequently fail to pull the trigger on the purchases in my Amazon cart, mainly because there may be something I still need. This leads to a new and delightful game on my next Amazon login called "Oh Yeah, I Remember that Now!"

It could be the doll clothes that I started to shop for my niece, but found it cheaper on

It could be a kitchen design book that I thought would have ideas for frost proofing the pipes some idiot thought would be nice to run under the floor in the kitchen with apparently no insulation.

How about the camouflage mittens that would make a great gift for dad, clearly they blended into the cart.

A new power tool for my wife? She's really the handyman in the family.  Oh yeah, I bought that on impulse at Home Depot.

How about some DVD about Forks, WA since Mrs. Mynd has already watched all the Twilight movies to death (or is that until immortality) and needs some new semi-Twilight viewing material.

A box of Propel Cherry Lime flavor packages from the Amazon grocery store. Oh, Amazon groceries how I love thee! I found my beloved A-1 Cajun Marinade there after it disappeared from stores and I was forced to stock up to make my wings!

A few stray books round out the collection of things I have found. If all of these things managed to be in the cart at the same time, I would easily score free super saver shipping. 

Am I strange, wait, don't answer that... Am I the only one who plays this game? I've signed up for the trial for the Free Two-Day shipping thing... It's going to cost me $80 for the year, but may be worth it... Sadly my game may be over...


  1. True Amazon aficianados have to have Prime shipping.  It will more than pay for itself, and you won't feel as bad about clicking buy, then remembering you need one more thing, and clicking buy again.  Wait, that's the catch isn't it?  Those sneaky little...

  2. Welcome Jeff! And I've been told the prime is the way to go...does it also work for the stuff not shipped "from Amazon?"

  3. Unfortunately it only works for stuff from Amazon or fulfilled by Amazon (it's easy to distinguish).  That's a lot of stuff, but not everything. 

  4.  "How about the camouflage mittens that would make a great gift for dad, clearly they blended into the cart." Funny!!!

    And you are not alone. I operate on a very similar level and add to, check on, adjust as I work towards free shipping.

    Great post!

  5. Bummer, I get lots of weird stuff that this offer might give me false hope.

  6. Somehow I figured we might be alike on this one!

  7. One extra benefit of Amazon Prime, which is teh awsome (SIC on purpose), is the vast number of free movies and television shows you can watch on your computer instantly!  Plus, the unlimited free second day shipping is really nice.

  8. Someone should show me how to get free movies, I totally live free movies!

  9. On the Amazon page, once you sign in, there is a pull down menu where it says "Unlimited Instant Videos".  That brings up another menu that says "Prime Instant Videos".  And there you go... 

    Easy as Amazon Prime's shipping.  Well, easier, since it's instant.

  10. Oh, how I love that Super Saver Shipping.  I am almost always within 2 dollars of it, then find something to buy for something close to fifty bucks.

    Sigh, you win again, Amazon.

    Nice post.

  11. Thanks for the comment Youngman! I am still trying to decide on the $80 Prime Shipping, and wouldn't you know my first purchase after signing up for the trial was fulfilled outside Amazon?!

  12. I lost the Game again.....

  13. Yeah, and you had to share, I know...

  14.  Thanks totally to you, yes I love to share (LOL)




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