Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Tebow Phenomenon Ends?

It's over, some might say finally. Some might even add multiple exclamation points. I'm not one of them. I don't think it is over. 





We've heard Tim Tebow's testimony about how his mom almost had an abortion instead of having him. To be clear, the doctors advised this because she contracted amoebic dysentery as a Christian missionary in the Philippines. She and her husband decided against that advice and turned to prayer. If you've taken nothing else from his story, it is difficult to avoid a basic understanding that Tim's life began a bit miraculously.

It isn't difficult to envision Tebow as an athlete and at 6'3" 240lbs, he certainly looks the part of a football player. Pundits say that he isn't really quarterback material. His forte was as a "running quarterback" and his records were set more for running and "passing efficiency" which is generally shorthand for "doesn't throw much." For those of you who don't follow football, running quarterbacks aren't typically successful in the NFL.  

He was a highly touted prospect out of high school and was a situational player in 2006 behind Chris Leak at the University of Florida.  He set many SEC records while at UF and also won a little trophy called the Heisman as a Sophomore.  He won two national championships while at UF.  He also graduated with a Bachelors degree on time in 2009.

He played an entire second half of a game with a broken fibula scoring a 29 yard rushing touchdown.  His grit and determination are characteristics that makes him beloved by those who follow his teams and hated by those who do not.

So what makes Tebow so hated, and if not hated, makes people want to groan every time his name is mentioned? Duh, he's all Christiany and he thinks he's better than me. So he wears his faith on his sleeve, nay, he wears it on his chest like a target.  If he were homosexual and proud of that, he would get equal ridicule and following as he does now. (probably from different sets of people, however)

I think the issue is a little bit deeper than that... 

It's because his life doesn't revolve around the things that society says are important!  He doesn't care about the fortune (I would bet he paid for the Focus on the Family ad that ran during the Broncos vs. Patriots game) His fame is humbly and unconditionally turned to God.  We want our professional athletes to be something that we aspire to be... Rich, famous, living in the big mansion, dating the supermodel, driving the fancy car, and generally be inspirational.  Did I mention that he doesn't seem to care?

Some might say that there are a lot of Christian Quarterbacks in the NFL, why does Tim Tebow get to be special? What about Kurt Warner, Drew Brees, or Colt McCoy? I wouldn't want to speculate whether he is the shiny new toy or if it is something else.  I get a sense that Tebow doesn't believe he is a quarterback first.  His identity isn't centered on his athleticism. He doesn't mind having a target on his chest, in fact he painted it.

So I want to add one more thing to the phenomenon. Does God care about football? I don't think so.  Does God think Tim is more special than you or me? I don't think so.  Do I think that Tim Tebow is the prostitute at the well? WHAT!? I think God uses those that are willing.  Let's face it, if Tom Brady said that God helped him win, be honest we'd be thinking "yeah, Tom 95%, God 5%" Maybe he helps Drew Brees win with more like a 90-10 ratio. How about Tebow; a guy who wins ugly and isn't supposed to be able to win as a quarterback?  How good a quarterback is God if Tebow can win at this level despite the odds and pundits stacked against him?

How good a quarterback is God? How good an executive is God? How good an IT guy / girl is God? How good a teacher is God? How good a waiter / waitress is God? Don't answer now, think about it.

Ok, having said all that, I saw this and thought it was hysterical...Tebow probably got a little chuckle as well.



  1. Nancy Rose SchilliJanuary 15, 2012 at 1:04 PM

    Interesting view. I don't have any issue with Tebow giving God thanks and praise. He's not asking anyone else to do it, and if he feels that God is helping him, that's great for him. I think people should allow him his view, and you have your view.

  2. Never thought I would see you write "An Ode to Tebow", but I see your point.  You have to respect someone who shows up every day, does his job when many people say he can't or isn't good enough to do it, and then is thankful for the opportunity to do that job.

  3. Thanks for getting it.

  4. The only issue I have with the whole Tebow thing is that Denver's kicker didn't get enough praise.




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