Friday, January 13, 2012

Superman the Cheater

Have you ever caught yourself (or been caught) speeding? Do you go back to the store that you realize gave you too much change.  If everyone cheats, is it still cheating? Doesn't everyone speed? I know that I do.

Is Superman a super-man on Krypton? If everyone has the same abilities, why would he be special? Let's face it, Journalistically, he gets routinely housed by Lois Lane. Fans will tell you he is trying to blend in with those around him. I think he's just a sucky writer. His blog would be worse than mine if he had the courage to write one, but he can't hang.

Here are my top five Kareers on Krypton for Jor-El.
5. Geek Squad
4. Selling Krypton-Mills portrait packages over the telephone
3. Street Performer
2. Junior fry chef at KrypDonalds
1. Homeless wino


As I work to raise my kids in a world that screams "do whatever necessary" (sorry, I have a headache and typing in all caps just hurts (don't worry I'm not going all e e cummings on you (and I'll more than make up for it with lots of excess punctuation))) Wow, where was I. Kids... Responsibility...



So my kids have lots of questions about "Fair" to which I always ask them to define "fair" and sometimes I throw in a My Fair Lady reference just to keep them just a bit off track.


Is the world fair?  Hardly!  Considering a talentless hack like Jor-El can scoop a really cool name like Clark Kent, be able to fly, and hook a fine lady like Lois Lane... while being a mediocre writer.





  1. Aww!  Are we having super power envy today?  I'm sure you'll mature into your super powers any day now, Mr. Mynd.  Thanks for the Brandon Routh as Superman visual, yummy.  While I grew up in the Christopher Reeves era of Superman (and he will always be who I picture when you say Superman), I definitely appreciated Routh's portrayal of the man in tights.

  2. Yes, the old "not fair" ploy.

    Surely Parents are falling for it now?

  3. My super powers are all in my head, literally and figuratively. I envy no tight wearing crappy writer.

  4. It would require that a generation be allowed to think they can get away with it. My generation was not allowed. The chain will not break with me... Hold that line!




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