Thursday, January 12, 2012

Of M(Ice Cream) Men and Clean Desks

January 9th was "National Clean Off ¥our Desk Day" and I failed to fail to accomplish it, all while failing. No joke y'all, but it didn't get as bad as that:

Our office decided a week ago to play musical chairs, well musical offices. It sounds cheerful and magical and it should sound something like the ice cream man when he played the music on your street. Except that the ice cream man plays music that is now interrupted by a snippy "HELLO?" that is pretentious in its curiosity of how you could be ignoring ice cream. But, let me corral that cat and get back to my point. I was almost the last person to move (thankfully I was able to sit down).

So we shifted offices and within them some desks, so when I departed on Friday, I had packed some stuff from my desk... in essence I had "cleaned off my desk" yet hardly in the spirit of a National Holiday.

Not My NEW Desk

When I arrived on Monday (why I even had to work on the holiday I don't know) to find my new office with my new desk and a pile of my belongings upon it. As I still had to clean off and move a bookshelf, I greedily used the new desk in my old office as a pile zone to empty the bookshelf. Once the bookshelf was moved, I removed the piles of things on the desk in my old office and placed them on my new desk in my new office. In the process, I cleaned off the new desk in my old office and once again had cleaned off a desk, much more in the spirit of a National Holiday, but not actually MY desk.

Not My NEW Desk, not really my old desk either...

Having vacated my old office and created a nest of belongings in my new office, I proceeded to once again clean off a fuzzin' desk! Bookshelf was restocked with books and pictures and other odds and ends. Other pictures were hung on the wall. Desk drawers were filled with office supplies, files and of course, snack foods.

The desk was immaculate(ly the same with the same stuff that was on its predecessor. Fail)

Same Desk, Same Stuff... fail?

Now, while the wording of this all important National Holiday is "...Desk..." I truly have a pet peeve with a cluttered desktop. Nothing blows an IT guy's gasket like working a trouble ticket for a user whose computer is "slow" only to find something that looks like this:

Speaking of Ice Cream Man Music (though that was like 7 paragraphs and 5 images ago) has anyone seen the scene (atypically alliteration) in Mr. 3000 with Bernie Mac where 2 grown men discuss what the ice cream man music should be, complete with their own renditions of same? Very Funny!


  1. I'm not sure you even have a desk after reading this. lol. Go enjoy some ice cream...I am.

  2. It is certainly well hidden!




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