Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Name That Tune...

I will never be confused for a famous singer.  I won't even be confused for a lounge singer, or a singer in the church choir, or a singer on the street for nickels and quarters.

Name THAT Tune!?

That doesn't mean I don't like to sing.  

I don't sing in the shower because I might drown, well and there isn't anything around to drown me out and the bathroom is known to have mad good acoustics!

Karaoke might be fun, but there isn't enough alcohol in the world for that to happen.  Yeah, no, I mean y'all would need to be a lot more drunken than I think you is.

I would love to take some lessons some day and sing a beautiful song for my wife on our anniversary.  It's on my "bucket list" to conquer that fear and do it. Maybe in church where people would have to say polite nice things, like "God heard you singing from your heart" as opposed to in a bar where they could throw hard things. (apparently God does not hear your heart in a karaoke bar!)

Ooh-Ooooh, I don't wanna die...
I LOVE singing in the car.  I love playing the air guitar.  I love playing the air / steering wheel drums. My family loves when I do this without them in the car.

Some of my favorites are Journey (yeah, I butcher Steve Perry like nobody else) and some Foreigner.  There are some nice Christmas favorites I can really crush.  I think my all time favorite car song is Linkin' Park "In the End" which has some slow rap which I have mastered.  I should also mention that I had the high score on the PlayStation Singstar game for Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice, Baby."

I even love when you pull up to a light and you are singing with some steering wheel drum action and the people in the car next to you are wondering what song you are singing as they look over in curiosity. I'm not real big on realizing the window is down and they are not looking in curiosity, but some combination of horror and shock all the while playing a trivia game trying to be the first to correctly identify the song you are butchering so badly that it is unrecognizable.
William "I Bang" Hung, King of Butchering
The PlayStation has a few singing type games, the standard bearer seems to be the Singstar series. With Princess Sassy Pants in the house, we have an unbelievable amount of Disney Singstar. We also have ABBA Singstar (which is truly funny when the question is raised by the youngins "is that one of the girl band players?" (no))  Recently we obtained the Queen version and at New Years with friends in attendance Jay's Ramblings and I rocked some Bohemian Rhapsody! "He's just a poor boy from a poor family, spare him his life from this monstrosity!"

We thought of carving our facial hair to match Freddie Mercury's Fu Manchu, but sadly it has been done before...

Freddie Flacco
Freddie Mercury


  1. I hear you, all the way over here! Wind that damn window up!

    Seriously, I have a gift for remembering lyrics, just not in delivering them as it was intended.

    But that is a good thing about listening to metal, nobody really cares about being pitch perfect a lot of the time.

  2. Lol. I don't always remember the lyrics either!

  3. Lyrics?  I don't need no stinkin' lyrics!

    A wordsmith like me can't be confined with such a thing...  

  4. Very funny...and if anyone ever throws a "hard thing" at you, call me and I will teach them a thing or two.

  5. Lyrics? Lyrics! We're not talking 'bout Lyrics! Lyrics?

  6. You got my back. Everyone see that? She's from Brooklyn so don't mess with me!




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