Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mathematically Eliminated

Playoffs? Playoffs!
It's working towards the end of the NFL regular season and as that happens we often hear about the playoffs and the situations by which a team can advance to the playoffs. 

(score more than your opponent and win more than the other guys do, duh!) 

We also get to hear words that must ring awful in a team/coach/fans ears... "they've been mathematically eliminated."

It must be great to boil everything down to Math. 
Pi, Cotangents, Radii, Pythagorean theorems, and all the rest have decided the fates of so much and so many.
The likes of Einstein, Pascal, and Archimedes crunching numbers to decide who goes on and who goes home.
Algebra is not my friend!

By the time of my birth, I was mathematically eliminated from being the next or future King of England. 

By mid-high school, I was mathematically eliminated from attending Harvard. 

By virtue of my wonderful marriage and the archaic bigamy laws of this country, I am mathematically eliminated from being Mr. Salma Hayek.  

My advancing age has mathematically eliminated me from being a 100 meter Olympic champion. (yeah, swimming, running, cycling, it doesn't matter)

With that said:

With my birth, I am mathematically assured of getting the best parents I could have hoped for.  My sister is pretty aces as well.

With my grades and poor scholastic attitude, I was able to surprise people with my collegiate grades.

Umm, I got Mrs. Mynd....duh!

My age has mathematically limited my ability to be drafted.  It has also mathematically limited my odds for mononucleosis.

So in the NFL like life, mathematically elimated from the playoffs means being mathematically enhanced for the next player draft or something else even better!


  1. Was the Salma Hayek visual for Jay?  I'm not sure he's going to remember making the comment in order to appreciate your humor.  I thought it was funny, though.

  2. Wow, first dig of the new year goes to Elaine. You know what they say about girls who pick on boys...

  3. That they have to talk incredibly slow...

    Sorry, first thing that came to mind.

    That, and I'm jealous of Elaine. Of course, I made the first crazy/snarky/dig-y comment on another blog.

    Yes, I'm seeing other blogs.  I'm sorry you had to find out this way...

    Oh, and I upped my meds.  You can't tell, though, right?



  4. Oh, and MY team made the playoffs.

    And, we have a BYE next week.

    Go, NINERS! 

    I think I'm done. Sorry.

  5. Yeah, I'm listening. It's cool. I've been playing the blog field for a while. I've been wearing my blog pants in such a way that you see my blog underwear, cause that's how I roll! I'll read any little cute blog that gives me the time of day.
    Big pimpin' mynd

  6. Lol, mine did too but no bye. We'll be waving bye to the Donkeys in round 1.

  7. Ouch...  And I thought we were friends.  8-)

  8. Lol, apparently she is upset that the Baileys toss game did not end up with her on the winning end of a basket.

  9. Nah, I'm sure I said something long forgotten about Salma. But the Bailey's toss surely didn't help much.  8-P




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