Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm Sick and Not My Normal Kind!

So many of you tune in faithfully to catch a mere word from my pontifications (but you aren't the Pope? Back to your hole, you) and know me to be a straight up sick dude!

Today, after a lousy night's sleep, I feel run down and working on unhealthy.  Ever felt that way?

So here I sit, trying to make what is going on some dastardly commingling of coincidence.

Sore Throat, sure I could be sick but it's probably "new kitten allergy." I'd like to tell you that I'm solid and resolute about keeping the cats at bay, but truth be told I am a softy, nay a big pushover for the tiniest mew and some pawing at string. Purr a little and you're coming home with me.  That's how I got Mrs. Mynd. A few days ago, I posted about Tax Time Reminders from Your Idiot Friends and I posted a picture of a kitty.  Well, Mrs. Mynd took that as a sign and upon entering a kitten bearing establishment found a kitten with surprising likeness to that kitten... So, allergens galore are my problem.  It isn't Strep Throat because I'm clearly a carrier, and we don't get what we carry.








Cough, likely from said allergens. I don't smoke.

Upset Stomach - I'm sure I got a bad batch of vodka.  Yesterday, we had a very productive day escaping the allergens of the kitten watching the beloved Capitals take care of some Carolina Hurricanes with Jays Ramblings. During our pre-game rituals at the Irish Channel, some beers were prescribed and taken like the good boys we are.  There were Sunday specials to include a Bloody Mary. Vodka and Tomato Juice, ice, lime, olives... Tomato Juice and beer induced acid reflux is not a good combination.  I have had a sour, bitter, angry stomach since that time... It was the tomato juice.


Tired, man who isn't these days. There are so many reasons I could be tired.  Stress from having to face the reality of working on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday! The man had a DREAM which is way easier when sleeping in! I could also be tired from said hockey game, but it was kind of early.  I was up the night previous to the screams of the Broncos fans in the house.  The more likely explanation was my horrible night of sleep from waking up in the middle of the night in what seemed to be a large goldfish pond of my own sweat which caused me to actually shiver at one point.  Totally normal though, right? Unless you have like AIDS or something where it happens lots and it is all "unexplained."

Night Sweats are easy to accomplish and explain when you wear sweats to night. In my case, I'm sure it was that I was really cold when I went to bed, so my body heated up to overcome that but in so doing I managed to (like some of my jokes) go too far. I'm just an overachiever is all. I'm cold again tonight but it is winter after all.

Body Aches are terribly difficult to avoid when you're concentrating on sleeping around a large body of water. I'm sure that is just one to many fist bumps at the game, or possibly from the walk from the "barn" to the "bar" to the "car." (ok, I got carried away with quotes).

But friends, there is good news for you and for me. I'm sure I will feel better tomorrow. I know this because I am going to engage in tribal rituals told to me by co-workers of my wife.  My wife being a crucial part of this ritual will oversee it to make sure I am both not injured as well as properly injured. 


What's the good news for you? Well, a healthy Master Mynd is always a good thing, but if not, you'll get a NyQuil induced post which is always a treat.  Remember a Mynd is a terrible thing to waste.



  1. And you said the new "research supported" cure for the common cold wouldn't make it into your blog :)  I think the cat, the hockey pre-game exercises, and the gentle weeping (heaven knows, it wasn't cheering) from the Broncos fans did you in this time.  You'll be used to the cat dander in a week, you'll know better than to pre-game with acidic drinks next time around, and the Broncos are out of it, so no concern for lost sleep there anymore.  I think you'll be better in a few days, with or without the tribal ritual.  But, good luck with that!

  2. I think we both know there was nothing "gentle" about that "weeping!"

    Now, if only other teams could be sent home, like both AFC pretenders the fireworks could stop and peace could be achieved. Caps are in first place, though!

  3. Poor Scott: Next time as soon as you feel your first hint of a symptom, run and get some Zicam. It's pretty darn amazing. Feel better fast!

  4. Thanks Susan, I did make it to work today, but as the day is progressing, I am feeling a bit worse.




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