Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dadtator in the Mommunism

Sometimes I feel like the King of England, all title, zero power. Like Genie said in Aladdin (yes, I did just quote a Disney movie, but it was a Robin Williams character so there) "phenominal cosmic power...itty bitty living space" only no phenomenal OR cosmic power. (Yes, Prince Charles has as much power now as he ever has or ever will)

So, I love the ladies, don't get me wrong.  Blogher, Top Mommy Blogs, and other woman oriented blogging communities leave me feeling a little testosteronie (which is the real San Francisco treat).  Some of my favorite ladies of the modern written word are counted as members of these groups.  Forget making me want to be a better man, I want to be an honorary woman for the day just to get into the echelons that some of these ladies' craft have taken them. I could list my favorites, but frankly you see my reading list, so do the work, you won't be disappointed.

I don't blog because I'm a dad.  I don't blog because I'm a dude. I don't blog because I don't get enough time in front of the computer. I'm fairly healthy so I am no draw to a community of a like-minded sick people. (that doesn't mean you people aren't sick and twisted) I'd like to see a serious blog community for men. These BlogHim guys don't seem to lend credibility to the community.

Now talk about a cool logo and name, Men with Pens could have been an awesome group, unfortunately it is a company that teaches men to blog for business, or something like that.

Intellectual Reader: Are you carving out your own niche in the blogging world? 
Mynd: Possibly, but only like carving the soap that will eventually get used in the shower. I'm not writing Mount Rushmore here, folks.
IR: Do you have aspirations for writing a novel?
Mynd: Yes.
IR: Have you started said novel?
Mynd: Yes.
IR: What are the chances of that book being published and becoming a best seller and my being able to pick it up on Amazon.
Mynd: Picture me, slam dunking in the it? The novel's chances are a bit lower than that. And let's face it, Amazon... even the bookstores are named for women.

So I've been designated as the "Dadtator" of my house and other than sounding like some sort of glorified couch spud, it's a fairly inglorious title. I am chief potatentate at my house, provided all my decisions have come from or are approved by Mrs. Mynd.  She has been designated as the Mommunist in our house. When I need to be deposed or overthrown, she'll be in charge of that. I have the "plastic steering wheel" that has no real ability to turn the car.

Being a man, who blogs, in a house where my team has lost to her team, in a world where the women (bloggers) are's just hard being me.


  1. Okay so do I actually admit to you what I first thought Men with Pens actually said when I looked at that picture??????




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