Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Consider Yourself Censored

I am in IT and not going to work today in protest of SOPA (actually I am sick.)

I am not getting a shower today because SOPA sounds like SOAP. (actually because I am sick)

Despite a wonderful head cold, I am not eating any SOUP, because it sounds close to SOPA. (that and it does not go with the DayQuil)

Any inspirational words I may have had, consider them censored. I needed one hundred words to qualify for another post in the 31 day challenge. This might be 100 words by now, but if it is not (all contractions expanded) feel free to play that game you did as a child where you took all the letters from a big word and tried to make smaller words.

Read about SOPA


  1. Get some sleep and feel better soon, Mr. Mynd.  Your witty sarcasm and thought provoking content/questions were missed today.  And SOPA does mean soap in spanish, so your anti-shower protest had an international flair.

  2. Why the are doing to us i am an it gradutae and want to create more sites and blogs

  3. I am laughing in Spanish now...

  4. if you laugh in Spanish, do you do so with an accent?

  5. Yes, with a German accent...




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