Monday, January 23, 2012

(Chinese) New Year's Resolutions

I said I would do it... 

So here they are in all their spellbinding glory, the official WilyGuy, It's MY Mind, Chinese New Year Resolutions! (it's great to not be Asian, but play one on the Internet, y'all!)

Blogging Related: 

  • I'd like to get one new Facebook or Google follower per month and resolve to be funnier or at least more "socially acceptable."
  • I need a wicked cool banner for my page, branding is the key to life and untold riches (No! I don't know how much that is, it is "untold". Duh) I therefor resolve to make or hire out the banner creation.  Something like or or perhaps would work nicely.  That leads to the untold riches, yes?  At least to a site on Zazzle or CafePress where my readers can buy T-Shirts and Travel Mugs with my logo on it...

Life Related:

  • I'm going to be all lame and say I want to get in shape... well, if my cards have been played right, I should soon be in possession of the Jawbone Up provided that they work out the glitches, which tells my iPhone how much exercise I am not getting as well as how much sleep I am not getting.  This should make it more motivational to do both better.  My understanding is that sleep is achieved through exercise, but not right before bed... uh-oh. Now, the key is to not strive for too much.  I will bike...some.  I will pull on the stretchy things (oh, please! Get out of the gutter!) some.
  • I have strived to read the entire bible in a year, but I get bogged down in Leviticus or Numbers each time.  So, I resolve to read JUST Leviticus and Numbers this year... ok that makes it sound like I can't hang with the Pastor Sunday mornings else I might be forced to read other verses... that is how our pastor rolls after all.  But, in reality, I have decided to not be facing the failure of not reading the whole thing because I can't get past those two chapters filled with all their "begats" and "cubits."  If nothing else, I limit my failure to a smaller one.  But I shall not fail, I do have more than a year to get it done. (unless the world ends in December like all my living Mayan friends have told me it will).
  • Savings...I'm continuing in my plan to shed some debt that is at some artificially ridiculous interest rate instead of trying to dump money into a decidedly smaller savings account. The goal is to pay off my car this year, freeing money for the inevitable car repairs associated with a recently paid off vehicle.
Work Related:

  • Here's to finishing a project. This is the big one and we're finishing by April with a big phase.


  1. Good luck with it mate.

    I was thinking about giving the old bloggerino a bit of  a work over myself. Have you thought about going to wordpress?

    Personally I like the frame work that Blogger has offered and I do enough programming at work without going all HTML5

    Looking forward to the face lift,

  2. I have actually toyed with it. I went to Disqus to get the threading of comments, but Google added that to Blogger. I don't like the tight integration with the Google+ though.

    With WP, I think the commenting includes "Comment Luv" so I might. I already grabbed the URL and recently went to custom domain anyway....

    I haven't played with it much yet.




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