Sunday, January 22, 2012

Autocorrect This!

Y'all, I finally figured out how to use the force, the dark side even!

For a while, I've been commenting on blogs and following sound advice that says, be consistent and include a link to your own blog within the comment. Now, this isn't necessarily hard to do.  Following a simple pattern of adding a touch of HTML gets this done (because HTML is a bit whacky jacky to try to represent in the actual post, replace the { with less than symbol and the } with greater than symbol.


{a href=""}{/a}

I could stop there and many of you will have walked away with a valuable tip as well as the know how to make it work. 

But wait, THERE'S MORE! Call today and we'll double your URL... 

Seriously though folks, the better your comments are (in blogs typically like your own) the more traffic you can generate by adding a link.  Now some sites have comment luv or similar services that automatically search for your last post and add it to your comment.  But many sites don't have that feature.

I told you there would be more, so here it is.

l figured out how to use autocorrect on the iOS to my advantage. Try typing "href" a few times into your iPad or iPhone and you'll see a wide variety of autocorrect suggestions that our head will spin.



Go to Settings on your iDevice. (I have iOS version 5)

Next, go to General. Then click Keyboard.

Scroll down to shortcuts where you will likely see "omw" which when typed gives you "On my way!"

Click Add New Shortcut and type your long string in as the "phrase." 

Now, the shortcut should be something short, but not something you would normally type. I suggest "mylink" for the shortcut.




Now, when you're commenting you can simply sign your name and then type "mylink" and it will auto-correct that for you to put your link in!







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