Wednesday, January 4, 2012

100 Food Challenge

Not sure if you've seen this list.  I'm not ready to lend it credence just yet. It is quite an eclectic collection of foods.  The idea of the list is to compare yourself to others based on the number of items you have eaten from it. I won't go to the trouble of giving you the entire list, but rather I'm going to break down 30 of the items, as well as trying to come up with 10 items missing from the list that I think should be on there and I may have eaten.  Here is the link:

First category: Say What? This list contains 10 of the items that frankly, I had no idea even given a picture.  I'm going to mock them here and if you'd like to defend them or make up your own mockery please do, or tell me what they are or how delicious they are.

Lassie Fricassee?
1. Bellini - Not just an italian dictator anymore, this is a delicacy not seen since the "napoleon."
2. Currywurst - What can I say here, its curry and sausage like the name says, it was just weird.
3. Durian - There is a local traffic and weather guy with this name, but that makes me feel all Hannibal Lector.
4. Fugu - don't they make clothes that the "in" crowd is wearing these days?
5. Lassi - clearly Lassi should not come home, or her goose is cooked.

Looks like Poison Ivy
6. Nettle Tea - It turned out to be what I thought, but why I would willingly make tea, not that I am a tea drinker, out of something with chemicals that cause a burn... well to each his own.
7. Pavlova - Russian gymnasts make the list?  Again, feeling like Hannibal Lector and wondering if they go with a nice Chianti?
8. Phaal - a seasonal food that is available opposite of the ever popular Zpriing.
9. Spaetzle - I'm pretty sure this is one of the things that Laverne and Shirley sang about, but didn't eat like the milk and coke combo.
10. Umeboshi - Isn't this a Super Mario Brothers character?  Do you step on it?  Or is it like a power pill?

Second category: Seriously? I'm not sure what I expected from this list, but I assumed it would be more exotic than the next 10 items.  Perhaps there are those among my readers who are sheltered more than I am and haven't eaten these items, please ignore my mockery.  This will be my "why didn't PB&J make the list?" mockery.

1. Biscuits and Gravy - This is a staple in the south and likely among the first adult foods some babies eat.  Is it so far removed from the North?  Cracker Barrel has it, you gotta try it.
2. Chicken and Waffles - I've had Chicken in many ways... I've had waffles in a few less ways... Never has it occurred to me to combine them?
3. Fresh Spring Rolls - the "Fresh" is throwing me off here, isn't there a chinese restaurant near everyone?  Is this where the south pays the Biscuits and Gravy penalty?
4. Hostess Fruit Pie - Really?  Seriously?  Mrs. Mynd had these for breakfast every day her senior year in high school.  Surely you've got a 7-11 nearby?

5. Moon Pie - See #4.
6. Pastrami on Rye - Another Northern staple, is the south missin' out?
7. Philly Cheese Steak - Ok, you don't have to live in Philly to get these, right?  I do want to know what's up with the Cheese Wiz...
8. Root Beer Float - Pure goodness, but seriously not a food for the top 100.
9. Spam - I know you can (see what I did there) though many would question why you would.  Spam and Tomato on white is my preference, if I had one.
10. Sweet Potato Fries - Now at one point, one of the major chains of fast food was contemplating selling these, so how exotic can they be really?

Third category: Richie Rich This category reflects items that either sound expensive or are actually expensive.  Again, some I don't know at all, but saying the name makes my pinky extend.  This mockery will not be well focused, but random is what I do best.

1. Baba Ghanoush - wasn't he the second sultan of swing? (Sheik Urbootie was the first)
2. Borscht - Russian dictator?
3. Caviar - Hey, I know this one!  Still seems fishy to me.
4. Eggs Benedict - delicious but sounds traitorous.
5. Foie Gras - Muchos Munchos Gracias?

Where's the Beef?
6. Kobe Beef - Did Jordan get his own beef?  I don't think so!
7. Paella - I'd like to buy a consonant.  Anything with this many vowels has to be hard to say and even harder to find and more expensive to buy, right?
8. Paneer - this is lovely food item that you eventually replace with real wood.
9. Steak Tartare - Sounds rich, looks disgusting, tastes delicious even with a touch of mad-cow.
10. Zucchini Flowers - This just sounds like one of those things that are harvested once a year and brought down from the mountains in peru on the back of Juan Valdez donkey.  Only blooms once every three years and plants must be 17 years old to begin blooming... but it isn't.

Finally, let me break down some items that should be on here...  I will leave it to your imagination as to whether I have personally eaten these items, a hint is that only three items have not been past my lips.
Would you? Could you?

1. Buffalo
2. Dog
3. Green Eggs and Ham
4. Salt and Vinegar Chips
5. Turtle Soup

I prefer using a spork
or "runcible" spoon

6. Limburger Cheese
7. Monkey Brains
8. Habanero Chili Pepper
9. Cucumber Sandwiches
10. Old Bay

Can you pick out the 3 I haven't eaten?
Have you taken this challenge?  You should, its fun.  You can post your results to "the" Facebook.  Speaking of the Facebook, did you see that My Mind has its own page now (insert scary thought here)?  You should like My Mind before it gets a complex.

**For definition of runcible spoon, please visit FearlessFibroWarrior post here.


  1. I got 71.  Most of the ones I missed were junk food, and meat items. I was a veggie for a couple decades in there, and worked at a health food store for years. YEARS. Which is how I know all the good international ones.

    Any person raised in the 80s and 90s should definitely know Fugu.
    Don't you watch The Simpsons?  The episode when Homer finds sushi. He orders one of everything. Then, wants fugu, which is puffer fish, and if it's cut wrong, you can die. The sushi chef is "predisposed" with the mayor's wife in the parking lot, so the busboy cuts it.
    Hilarity ensues.
    Sheesh. Know your Homer.

    I will forgive you, because of the runcible spoon reference.

  2. So which of the 10 have I not consumed?

  3. That list was ridiculous (both with the sheer number of 'Really, that's on the bucket list of food?' and 'What, that is gross!' items).   And I know you were making fun of it.  I don't know the number I have already checked off, but a lot.  'Cause I'm fat and lots of those are delicious.  Like Paneer, which is an Indian cottage cheese.

    As for the three you've never had?  I'm going dog, monkey brains, and Buffalo...  

  4. Yeah, but ridiculi is the radii to my diameter.

    And 2 out of three ain't bad!

  5. Must be the Green Eggs and Ham that you haven't had...  Though I swear some of the scrambled eggs we've eaten at Harmison sure looked green.

  6. Continuing to guess incorrectly would be unfair to my millions of other readers...

  7. And like a game of clue, you must have all three.

  8. Is that a roundabout way of saying "Aw, Crap.  He's figured it out."?  'Cause that's what I hear.

  9. forgot that part.  ADD. 

    Monkey Brains, dog, and limburger.

    or you hate children, and it's green eggs and ham.

  10. Ding, ding, ding
    Were you aided by the Jay guessing? Admit it!

  11. No, I didn't want to ruin it-so I didn't scroll down-did I get them all? What do I win?  Please let it be a Snickers...

  12. Isn't a zucchini flower a type of STD? I'm quite certain though that the mixture of spices in Old Bay can kill those bugs!!!!


  13. Old Bay rocks. I get that on my Subway subs...




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