Saturday, December 10, 2011

Twis(ted Several) Night(s) Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring...

Except this creepy critter...

We all thought that roaches would be the Bug of The Apocalypse. Nope. He's got a true Latin name, but let's just call him Stinkus Bugeus.  In case you missed it, they are at plague proportions.  With no real natural predators in the States, people are finding them everywhere!  I pulled the camping gear out this spring and there were hundreds in the folds of the tarp we use under the tent. They are in my shed and apparently my attic.

Mice creeping around would be less icky.  Every now and again we hear scritching sounds in the attic and the cat gets as high up as he can on top of furniture to find the source of the sound.  Today we observed the rituals surrounding putting up the Christmas Tree.  We have a wonderful pre-lit fake tree because we have animals and children and well, a fear of fire.  After opening the boxes for the tree and the nativity and finding the evil stink bugs, I'm wondering if a natural tree would be better?

Tree box on the left has critter number 1
(that we know of)
Nativity box on the right has
critter number 2 on its corner.

Though great hunters of scratchy noises and eaters of Christmas decorations and ornaments, the cats could care less about the stink bugs and their slow movement.  Unless they try to fly, the cats aren't noticing.  They would much rather stalk the tree.  They are more likely to have "used up all their nine lives" like the cat in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Angus is "inspecting" the ornament placement
Mooshi Gato takes a higher approach

So as part of my initiative to enjoy the holidays and help those in need, particularly the hungry children in lesser developed nations, I have begun collecting said stink bugs.  Why would you do this, Scott?  So apparently the stink bug is a delicacy in places like Mexico, Vietnam and Laos.

Because smiling children who are eating the plague bugs
that you sent them is what Christmas is all about


  1. I keep hearing that the evil stink bugs won't survive the winter, but as we don't seem to be getting a 'real' winter (seriously, it's December 11th, and we've had like 3 days below 40 degrees, what is up with that?!?) the slow and pesky bugs keep getting a stay of execution.

    At least they aren't that harmful, like gypsy moths or Australian mice.  Annoying as all get out though.

  2. Maybe there are some awesome treats you can use the stink bugs for on Pinterest.  You know, Marshmallow stink bug pops, stuck onto candy canes.  'Tis the season, right?

  3. Yeah, they are the "weaver finch" of a new generation.

  4. I'm sure if I stored my marshmallows in the attic, I'd be that much closer to yummy stink bug treats.




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