Sunday, December 18, 2011

UPDATE: Scrooged by Worst Buy

This anti-advertisement is brought to you by me, because it is a rant against Best Buy.  You might think they're Best Buy, but they aren't.  They might be Convenient Buy, but they aren't Least Expensive Buy.

So I ordered something back on November 19th, thinking about how fashionably ahead of the curve I was.  It was a Christmas present for one of the kids.  I got a great deal and was fantastically happy to have put one major piece of the puzzle behind me.  I did a good bit of ordering that day and got a lot of emails telling me that orders had shipped, etc.

So being a week before Christmas, Mrs. Mynd and I decided to do some serious wrapping and set about putting gifts in piles to determine what to wrap with what. I noticed that this particular gift was not around so I went looking for the email telling me when it shipped.  I didn't find said email.  I found the order email, and subsequent emails from other orders from "Best" Buy.  So I logged on to there site only to see the dreaded words "order cancelled."

What? When? By whom?  So I call 888-Best-Buy like the website tells me.  This number can also be made to spell you-were-an-idiot-to-believe-us, but I could be wrong.  Anyway, I get the "reward zone" where someone named Ken tells me that he is sorry, but they couldn't get any more and that usually they send out a cancellation notice, am I sure they have my email address correct?  He decides to help me out to overcome the embarrassment that Best Buy feels.  Well, based on his "help" Best Buy doesn't feel all that embarrassed.  Certainly not Go-to-School-Naked embarrassed.  Not giant-zit-on-nose-makes-me-look-like-Rudolph embarrassed.

Anyway, I got totally left hanging out to dry and wanted to make sure it didn't happen to you as well.

Should have just ordered from Amazon.

Public Service message brought to you by Best Buy (oh, they're gonna pay one way or another)

You don't have to comment, there will be a fresh and hopefully funny blog coming tomorrow.

After Reading this link sent to me by FearlessFibro: where someone talked about Best Buy making it right, I was skeptical.  But lo and behold this morning I checked my email and found that Best Buy is going to try to make it right.


  1. I will be sure to spread the anti-Best Buy love-thanks!  You're right, Amazon.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Merry Christmas. Hope your shopping has been better than mine!

  3. Sorry you didn't get your item from BB.  Thanks to you, I ordered from them on Thanksgiving Day and got it within a week.  I probably didn't order as many things as you, so I was looking for it until it arrived

  4. Your the second of my friends to have that experience this year, both with Best Buy on an advertised sale.  Is it too difficult to send an email saying that the item is out of stock and asking if you want to wait until it comes back in stock or cancel?  Guess an electronic store like Best Buy has little use for customer satisfaction.

  5. So glad it worked out for you since that was a cornerstone for your Christmas gift plan.




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