Monday, December 12, 2011

Funny Rented Zombies in Dirty Coats... on Ice

So my adorable wife, who is always looking out for me (and for fun) (and not as much for the fun budget) sends me this deal... Gaylord Hotel ICE! Washington Harbor where we can see 2 million pounds of ice cut out in Madagascar shapes. Madda-who-haw? Exactly.  It's only $20 for adults and $13 for kids.  Well, unless you stay at the hotel.  The hotel deal is $100 per person per night...for the first two people and then $32 or $27  per adult / kid up to double occupancy.  But wait, you get to see the ice for free!!!! And you get a souvenir photo for free!!!!  And you get in an hour free!!! 

Here is the kicker, the ice area/arena is 9 degrees, so you get a special coat from the hotel.

Of course I want to know, do I want a free picture while freezing my tail off in a super cold barn in a super dorky coat?  Did I mention I paid for all of it by sleeping there?  But wait, I don't get to keep the coat?!?! It's a rental.  I don't like wearing bowling shoes on my feet, which are tremendously far from my nose, why would I want to wear a rental coat?  I know people who aren't me...I don't want to wear their coats, let alone one worn by countless strangers and then sprayed with the equivalent of Axe body spray, to kill the dead body smell.

Which brings me to the weirdest cool thing I've questioned in a as featured in Newsweek.

Turns out people will rent just about anything. Someone rented a Border Collie to a woman who couldn't have one in her building.  I guess she really enjoys frisbees. 

Rent your tools at rates cheaper than Home Depot.  Didn't lose any trees in the last storm, rent out your chainsaw to those that did.  Tools for things like tile work that you don't do very often are a hit.

Rent your cat to eliminate mice (or allergic mother-in-laws) from someone's house. Same rental to a family who isn't sure if a cat is a good pet idea.

Temporary try-before-buy rentals seem big, like a musical instrument.  The cello seems cool, but will they want to lug it to practice?

Recreation can be rented as well, in the form of bikes, running shoes (see my comment on bowling shoes), and kayaks.  I'm pretty sure you can rent a horse, a dog, or both.  I didn't see many sheep, for obvious reasons.  Tents and backpacks for those who need more outdoors, temporarily.

Rentrepeneurs as they were called in the article are cropping up everywhere. (because everyone wants to be a tent slumlord) People are disenfranchised by big company mentality and would rather pay you for the right to use your stuff. I fear these are the same people who are "Occupied!". Wasn't that my REI tent on TV?

I got to thinking, why not rent your chainsaw out as a zombie slayer? (other than the fact that you probably don't want to know the guy looking to make said rental). 

Don't have any zombies, I'm sure someone will rent those too.

Axe body spray to cover up the dead zombie smell, extra.


  1. Mine too unfortunately...

  2. That stuff is the fruitcake of body sprays.

  3. Crazy. But I guess rentrepeneurs have a good idea. I, too, would not want a coat. Horrors and have purchased bowling shoes, thank you very much.

    When my boys were teens, we had Axe Body Spray on every flat surface in the house.

    "Susan Says..."

  4. I don't bowl enough to buy shoes. Why is Axe so popular, it is nasty foul evil stuff.




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