Sunday, November 27, 2011

When Delightful turns to Delirious and Deluded!

I know that by now, you all know my every thought and action... and never could you imagine that I could be anything less than delightful.

I could...

I'll let that sink in.

So, what could possibly remove the delightful from yours truly? CAFFEINE!
Another wiring diagram from my first transistor radio to the right? No, that's just my kryptonite, caffeine.  You just thought it took the cute form of a coffee bean or a can of Mountain Dew?  It is actually a molecule thingy.

I'm one of those rare "morning people" and I rarely "need" coffee to get going.  I do like the taste, so I will have a cup especially in cold weather.  Most times I will get half decaf (how often is the decaf actually fresh?) or all decaf, but I don't shy away from leaded. I'm an IT guy, but I'm no developer, so you aren't going to find a graveyard of empty Mountain Dew cans on my desk.  I'm not even going to drain a Coke while working.  Energy drinks...don't make me laugh.

I'm sure I've mentioned my ADHD to you fine folks, so you can only imagine what happens if my one cup of coffee that is supposed to be all decaf ends up all caffeine?

Well, at first there is an inflated sense of accomplishment or at least the ability to accomplish.  I'm the model employee at this time because I will accomplish my tasks on time and on budget. I'm typically happy and if I were to win the lottery, I would give away the majority of the winnings.  It is a fabulous time to live, one where I believe I can do many things, including (unfortunately) drinking more caffeine.

Following that there is a slight rise in enthusiasm for life and for my fellow man, woman, and child. The sense of ability to accomplish is "further heightened." The picture at the right shows that "heightening."
During this period, I am able to accomplish feats of speed that cannot be imagined.  I have tracked down bullets in flight. In fact, during the writing of this blog, I consumed two Red Bulls and ran on a treadmill while writing.  The treadmill was set up to generate electricity to charge the iPad.  Well, I exploded the first one with a surge of electricity.  So I ran out to get another iPad and being Sunday, many stores were closed, so I ran to the production factory in China and picked up another.  This was a very difficult run for me, mainly because the ADHD is so strong, I had a hard time keeping my train of thought going.

Like any controlled substance, when the caffeine wears off and leaves my system, I am typically left with a cold sweat, an occasional migraine, and a serious need for a nap.  Like waking up after a night of heavy drinking, there is often a sense of "I did what?" though it is often just the opposite..."you mean I didn't finish that project?"

So are you a morning person or a night owl?  
How does caffeine affect you?


  1. I live off diet coke. But caffeine doesn't affect me. I could, if I really wanted, go without it and be fine. But I just choose not to. Oh wow, I definitely sound like an addict.

    But it really doesn't affect me.  I could drink a diet coke when I'm dead tired and ready to crash and still be dead tired after I chugged a whole can.  I just like the taste. :)

  2. I work with someone who lives on Diet Coke.
    My wife isn't affected by caffeine. She is also not an ADHD sufferer.

    There are worse things to be addicted to I suppose, not that you ARE addicted :)
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  3. Caffeine has almost no effect on me.  It does not give me an adrenaline boost, make me more awake, or imbue me with special powers (or the tolerance for the poisoned Apple products).  If it wasn't for the occasional headache when I don't have any for a while, I'd say that the affects on me are nil.  

    But I certainly love the taste of coffee... (ellipses, nice!)  As for as morning or night person, I'm most definitely a mid afternoon person.  Early to bed and late to rise.  

  4. Night owl. most def. I am at my most productive around now (12:40 a.m.) and would prefer to stay up until 2 and sleep until ten. But real life does nto allow this so I manage to squelch my natural biorhythm.

    I used to be a big coffee drinker but have scaled down to almost nothing so I can actually sleep at night.

    I'm a little scared of you right now.

    Your pal, "Susan Says..."

  5. Nothing to be scared of, morning people are people too. :)

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  6. I used to drink a ton of coffee, or maybe I should say gallon.  I would get terrible headaches when I tried to quit.  Now, I might have a cup or two now and then.  It never kept me up at night but the withdrawal was awful

  7. Yeah, the withdrawal is horrid.




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