Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday, YouTube Sunday

Ok, its been another prolific (I put the pro-life in prolific) week in my mind. Sunday is a day to relax and laugh with me at some more of my favorite YouTube videos.

This week I will feature some of my favorite comics that you might not have heard of and some you have (it's hard to say who "you" are) starting with John Pinette who can be found on Facebook and YouTube.

Now would be a great time for YouTube to explain "related videos." As I'm watching a Pinette video, I see the related videos on the right side of the screen. As I might expect there are 6 more Pinette clips, followed by a woman who can move her humongous breasts with her muscles, then another stand up comic, followed by boobtastic builder babe, followed by Gabriel Eglasias and 4 more Pinette clips. That all seems fine, then I click load more videos... Wait, WHAT?!?!

Next up, this is one of my all time favorites Jeff Dunham and Achmed. Funniest darn muppet ever!

Sorry about the video quality of the next clip, but the laugh quality is excellent. This is Jim Breuer on alcohol:

Last and certainly not least, the Pachelbel Rant is flying under the radar but oh so funny.

What comedic genius that I have never heard of will you link me to?


  1. Funny stuff but my fave was the Pachelbel Rant!

  2. Yeah, I stumbled on that one a while ago.




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