Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Santa List

I've always loved creating my Christmas list.  I enjoyed it way more than writing a letter to Santa. (and way way more than writing thank you cards!)

Come on, it's a LIST!  

And it's getting stuff!  

I remember sitting down with the Sears catalog to pick out toys.  You see my Parents hated loved me enough to limit my television watching to 1 hour per day.  You can only imagine that I didn't get to see too many toy commercials.  Now, we often got bit more times around the holidays, you know for some Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special and all the Christmas specials.

As you might imagine, my biggest problem growing up wasn't WHAT to put on the list, but how to order it...yeah I was that kid.  My initial thought was ordering by my desire need for the gift in question.  The stuff at the top was the most important critical to my very happiness survival.

I came to realize as I grew up that my parents were hell bent on getting me crappy stuff clothes and other crappy stuff books, so I realized that it would be better to control what I was getting rather than having it dictated to me.  In my desire to do this, my sense of Santa's precious list and it's order was thrown for a loop.

Today's list is the best representation of all my old and new styles.  It looks something like this:

SCOTT'S Christmas & Birthday List

Toys (note Toys are ALWAYS first on the list)
Cool Techie thingamabob $60 http://www.thinkgeek.com/cooltechiethingamabob.html (note the price and URL...and the top placement on the list)

Jeans Levi's 550 34x32 (don't judge me by my svelt figure, but note I am specific on make and model)
Work Shirts (not as specific)
Sweaters (3rd on the list and not specific, there is a madness to the method)

Gift Card for Amazon (I put Amazon first because I can get lots of stuff there, but mostly books)
Gift Card for Barnes & Noble

Now, in case you are wondering, the list above is mostly fictitious (didn't stop you from clicking the link to thinkgeek (because you are a discerning shopper (and blog lover (and lover of parentheses)))) but you get my point.  I value format and placement, because asterisks would be over-the-top, not to mention throw off the Feng Shui of the list. Extra bolding within the list is also overkill and it makes the list hard to follow.

Here's hoping your list brings the Red Rider BB Gun and that you don't shoot your eye out.  And please don't fall for this: 
What does your list hold, and more importantly how is it ordered?


  1. Bullet points.  You need more bullet points.  They are, from the looks of my blog, critical to any list that matters.  ;)

  2. Hilarious and confusing as any Christmas list should be. I just got a laptop (my first) which we decided would be my gift so I will have nothing to open on Christmas morning (which will, doubtless become a bitter post).

    I get mostly books on Amazon, too.

    Susan Says...

  3. Oh, you're right, how could I have forgotten bullet points!?

    Autocorrection Typos courtesy of iPhone

  4. Oh, that is great and disappointing all at the same time. I hate not being surprised. Which is odd because you'd think with a list, I wouldn't be surprised...but I am. I also still can't stay in bed and am often out sitting by the tree at 5am waiting for the rest to awaken!
    Autocorrection Typos courtesy of iPhone

  5. Bullet points (and maybe a numbered list (both of which I frequently use on my blog)) are what I am going to get you for Christmas.  I found a great set of bullet points online this morning (www.buybulletpointshere.com/valuepacks/240).  I'm a little concerned that it won't quite be the same format as your blog, since your blog is written on a poison apple Ipad...  Ooh, ellipses!

  6. And I haven't got you anything. Perhaps I will get you the tilde value pack... makes you ~ more exciting than ~.

  7. I have no clue what I want for Christmas every year to the frustration of loved ones and people who have no choice but to buy me stuff. It doesn't help that my birthday is a few days before either.

  8. Ah, another winter birthday, or as I like to call it 'the never has summer clothes because gift giving holidays are all in winter'
    Autocorrection Typos courtesy of iPhone

  9. I'm a tad confused, but still find this hilarious. Me? Personally? My list holds only 3 things (from most to least important):

    1. Family Time
    2. Food3. Food

    Food is delicious. I don't really care for much - now that I'm 23. (: 

  10. Ah, 23...I remember it well. I remember the waistline and the hairline, neither of which is much in evidence now. Your smiley emoticon has prompted another possible blog entry, look for it in the next few weeks.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope you find my other and future entries to be as funny.




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