Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NFL Week 13, lucky 13

Week 12 Results

CORRECT 16. PIT @ KC: I've been getting the big point games wrong and frankly I shouldn't. PIT
CORRECT 15. GB @ DET: Detroit is crazy lucky at Thanksgiving, but only Rodgers out of the game saves this one. PACKERS
CORRECT 14. SF @ BAL: every time I pick against the Ravens, they win.  Harbaugh bowl will be no different with SF travelling east on 4 days rest to face the Ravens.  RAVENS
CORRECT 13. CLE @ CIN: home team wins...CIN
CORRECT 12. CAR @ IND: Peyton Manning didn't get better over the bye, nor did his teammates..PANTHERS
CORRECT 11. NE @ PHI: I don't believe it, I dare Vince Young to throw.  PATSIES
CORRECT10. MIA @ DAL: I pick against Miami and they win, I will do it again.  DALLAS
CORRECT 9. NYG @ NO: a stiff Brees will blow through the Giants in this one, perhaps an upset pick. SAINTS
CORRECT 8. MIN @ ATL: I'm tired of picking now, 16 is just too many...ATL
WRONG 7. DEN @ SD: Someone should tell Tebow he isn't this lucky...BOLTS
CORRECT 6. BUF @ NYJ: Both coming off dizzying losses to bad teams: Revis vs. Fitz... J-E-T-S
WRONG 5. CHI @ OAK: Palmer doesn't have it all together yet, BEARS.
WRONG 4. WAS @ SEA: Does anyone truly care? SEATTLE SOUNDERS
CORRECT 3. TB @ TEN: There should be some logic to this, but I think CJ2K has a decent day: TITANS
WRONG 2. HOU @ JAC: No Schaub, Leinart is rusty despite 2 weeks of work... JAGS
CORRECT 1. ARI @ STL: Helter Skelton puts together a decent game as does the D, CARDS

Finally, a week I can call home. 12-4 with most of my heavy points picks correct.

Week 13 Picks

16. BAL @ CLE - Perhaps the Ravens new I wanted them to lose.  Here they should win easily.  RAVENS
15. STL @ SF - no, the Ravens didn't show anyone how to beat the 49ers, certainly not the Rams.  49ERS
14. IND @ NE - Sunday Night Football is kicking themselves, PATSIES in a laugher
13. NYJ @ WAS - I'm not buying the Skins or the Jets, but Rex likes to throw the picks and Revis likes to accomodate.  JETS
12. DAL @ ARI - 228 Rushing Yards?  Wow.  Consistency has always been the killer though.  COWBOYS
11. ATL @ HOU - No Schaub, no Leinart.  Do the Texans know it is too late to Suck for Luck?  FALCONS
10. CIN @ PIT - Steelers have to win this to keep pace.  STEELERS
9. DEN @ MIN - Picking against Tebow is like shaking a finger in God's face. I'm not chancing fate for the Vikings.  BRONCOS.
8. PHI @ SEA - Phire Andy Reid, but after they clobber the 12th, 13th and 751st man.  EAGLES
7. DET @ NO - Saints
6. SD @ JAC - Bolts
5. TEN @ BUF - Wicked Fahst vs. Wicked Smaht (and Wicked Drohps the Bahll).  BILLS.
4. CAR @ TB - Pirates
3. OAK @ MIA - Raidas
2. KC @ CHI - battle of the bad QBs, Bears
1. GB @ NYG - epic battle, will be replayed in Lambeau in the playoffs. Packers win this time.


  1. What the heck are you talking about??????

    "Susan Says..."

  2. It's just something I do. I pick the games and then I critique my efforts the next week




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