Thursday, November 10, 2011

NFL Week 10 Picks

NFL Snarkiness on its way...

First the Results from last week
Week 9 Results
LOSE! 14. Mia @ KC - Anyone picking Miami at this point is past crazy, give me the Chiefs at home.
WIN! 13. STL @ ARI - They've almost beaten the Steelers and Ravens on back to back weeks and you can run on the Rams, give me the Cards
WIN! 12. GB @ SD - This should have been rock meeting hard place, but it is Best Pass Offense meets second to worst Pass Defense, Green Bay all over them.
WIN! 11. CLE @ HOU - Andre Johnson may be back, but you can run on the Brownies, give me the Texans
WIN! 10. SF @ WAS - Beck isn't hot-cold, he's just COLD, give me the 49ers
WIN! 9. ATL @ IND - Colts aren't beating anyone right now, Falcons
WIN! 8. SEA @ DAL - Dallas is starting to play fairly well and nobody is scared of Seattle, Cowboys
WIN! 7. TB @ NO - Tampa is rested and watched what the Rams did to the Saints, I don't care give me the Saints.
LOSE! 6. CHI @ PHI - Philly is getting back to winning and Cutler is getting back to Whining, Iggles
LOSE! 5. CIN @ TEN - Chris Johnson has to go off at some point, right? I like Titans here but I can't explain why.
LOSE! 4. NYG @ NE - They're mad and they will RUN against the Giants, give me the Patsies!
LOSE! 3. NYJ @ BUF - Forget Revis Island, you can run on the Jets, I like the Bills.
WIN! 2. DEN @ OAK - Denver faces the porous OAK Defense (no longer on the tribute to Al Davis march), I think Orton or Quinn comes in and wins this one.
LOSE! 1. BAL @ PIT - Too many Steelers banged up on D, this could be a shootout, Steelers but only because I am a homer.

So that's 8-6 with 72 out of 105 possible points

I love watching football and I know some of you do too. Some of you may even have a office pool pick 'em game at work. I decided to prognosticate the games as well as rank them from 14 to 1, or most probable to downright stupid. I hope you enjoy this TV timeout from my Mind!

Week 10 Picks

This should be a really competitive week, so all the picks seem to be difficult

16. MIN @ GB - In the frozen tundra, against a rookie, yeah Packers all day.
15. BAL @ SEA - This won't be close! Ravens.
14. OAK @SD - San Diego put up 38 on Green Bay, look for the same here. Bolts.
13. BUF @ DAL - Buffalo defense is a turnover party and Romo likes to party. Gimme the Bills
12. PIT @ CIN - the "Ginger Tiger" is a puddy-tat and that cat will be out of the bag and into the sack. Steelers
11. NO @ ATL - the mystery isn't around Matt Ryan this year, Saints.
10. WAS @ MIA - in a rematch of a Super Bowl too long ago, the Dolphins kicker will again throw a pick 6. Probably not but the Redskins will use Beck's knowledge of the Miami climate to win. Redskins
9. DEN @ KC - don't fool yourself, Denver wasn't that good and KC wasn't that bad. Chiefs are tough at home. Chiefs
8. HOU @ TB - Texans have a better D, more mature QB. Go Texans.
7. NE @ NYJ - Too bad the Jets can't really throw. Tom terrific can't lose 3 straight can he? Patsies
6. TEN @ CAR - I will go Titans again, since CJ2K could actually have a nice game, Titans
5. STL @ CLE - I gotta say I don't care, but I gotta pick one so... Browns
4. JAC @ IND - I like the Colts pass rush to force some mistakes. Colts
3. ARI @ PHI - ok, Chicago gifted the Eagles some points else they'd lost big. In Philly, Eagles win.
2. DET @ CHI - I was writing off the Bears, that's right Lovie Smith I did! Bears in the Windy City.
1. NYG @ SF -You can't spell Elite without Eli... you also can't spell Delicious, Elipsis, or Helicopter without Eli. I don't think he is any of them. Fortunately I can only spell Smithsonian with Alex Smith's name. Giants.

Feel free to leave yours so we can laugh at each other


  1. As always, my picks are on my latest entry on  my blog.

  2. I adore ellipsis and so do my children...but what is this "football" you keep referring to????
    Very nice about an add-on to my blog roll, Mister?

  3. You were on the "Reading List," and you probably looked at the BBF list, which is where I put all the people I know who are writing a blog. They may not always be my thing, but I gotta give 'em creds.

    Of course, my buddy Jay kicks blogging butt, but needs to learn to leave his blog URL...

    Don't tell him I said that though :)

  4. What about a reciprocal roll call missee?




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