Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Follow NOW for Black Friday deals!!!!

I had to try, right?  I mean, my readers are smarter than that, aren't you?  You aren't the types to get sucked in by advertising.  I don't even say that because many of my friends and likely readers are geeks who would rather hit "Cyber-Monday" from the comfort of their nerd lair than go out in public.  You know I love you, but some of you see the finger pointing out from the screen at this point (says the geek typing a blog on an iPad while laying in bed).

I've done this madness a time or two, mainly because some store was offering a wickedly sick deal on some hot item.  

I don't mind the getting up.  
I don't mind the standing in line. 
I don't even mind getting up early, to stand in a long line, in the cold, heck throw in a mile hike to the store from available parking...I don't mind! 

(now if the walk to and from said parking is uphill both ways and I am barefoot... that's too much like my school days, now get off my lawn!)

What I mind is the rest of you grabby, crabby, self-important, me-first-attitude-having people.  I'm sure that I will miss some of the best sales on the planet.  I regularly miss the fireworks on our National Mall. I also miss one heck of a time at the Preakness Stakes each year.

Frankly people, if there is one thing possibly worse than you people at an event in a crowd is you same people getting to and from that event. You get behind the wheel and I don't want to share a parking lot with you, let alone the highway.

Edwards: So why the big secret? People are smart. They can handle it.
Kay: A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.
And some stores are worse than others, not that I am by any means a "shopper.". I don't want to be in Toys-R-Us at any time during the year, let alone some shopping holiday.  I'll take my time at before I go there.  Best Buy is one of the few places I have gone on Black Friday, but after the little blue-haired lady ran me over with her dolly loaded up with the 62" Flat Screen, I decided I could trust her or the rest of you anymore.

So, why, you ask am I even talking about it?  Well, Mrs. Mynd is on the mend from foot surgery and she is like some of you sickos who enjoy the annual running of the bulls Black Friday ritual. Well, her fun is curtailed which means that yours truly is going to pinch hit and help out with the shopping.  She asked me tonight if I wanted to go on Friday...and push her in a wheelchair?!?  I love my wife, but like the rest of you, she is probably fairly normal (though you do read my Mynd blog) during the other 364 days of the year, but a psycho on Black Friday.  I can think of plenty of other things on my list of "break in case of emergency" activities that will get done before I do Black Friday with a wheelchair bound hellion.

  • Opera - and not the cool Phantom-of type.... Yeah, crowds and singing in foreign languages, Yeah!
  • Hitting the Nude Beach - ok, crowds and people I don't want to see in a bikini, not in a bikini... Yup, just threw up in my mouth.
  • NASCAR - I know some of you think it's grand, but I like some right turns now and again, oh and less sitting with lots of my fellow man.
  • Root Canal - never had one, just the way people talk about them, I'm pretty sure not even dentists like them, but crowds.
  • Anything involving the ER - crazy crowded waiting rooms where the chairs suck and everyone is coughing.
So this year should make for an interesting shopping year.  I'm pretty sure my dad was in charge one year and that might have been the year that we got a new TV.

So are you going Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping? Or are you all done?


  1. Cyber Monday on, baby!  Free shipping on anything over $25 and no standing in line in the freezing cold waiting to get trampled or elbowed by my fellow shoppers.  However, for my sister-in-law, Black Friday is a religious holiday that she expects time off work for every year.  This year, she just started a new job, so no dice on the day off.  But, thanks to all the stores opening at midnight she will still be able to go out, celebrate her Festivus, and make it to work tired, but on time. 

  2. I pictured you as a Cyber Monday kind of girl, not in a bad way though :)
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  3. Wily, I wanted to thank you for the Best Buy heads up when you commented on my blog the other day.  I was debating between the $150 Xbox at Gamestop or the new $200 PS3 bundle.  Best Buy had the PS3 Bundle and the Madden game at Black Friday prices this morning, so Christmas shopping is now complete

  4. Woot! You're welcome Dickster!

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  5. I will admit to going shopping on Black Friday, but usually later in the day and at a non
    "door buster" store.  The whole concept of getting up early, waiting in all those lines just to save a couple bucks is ridiculous to me.


  6. I agree. Sometimes the challenge is better than the prize...

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