Friday, November 4, 2011

Don't Obey! Play the Piano

We were all taught as children to obey your parents, obey authority. Thankfully, it didn't fully take with some of us. I can only be somewhat my normal snarky self (unless you tell me not to) after watching this. It is incredibly fascinating and worthy of a two-for blog day as well as a non-Sunday YouTube day, but then again, that's the kind of rule-breaker I am!

Now that I've given you the lead in, by all means DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO!!! I know that all my disobedient friends are now dying to rail against my apparent lack of authority and they can handle the video anyway. The rest of you sheep probably can't handle it. :)

Hopefully you watched all 14 minutes of the video.

So was it an age thing? We're you surprised by the statistics?

I wondered if there was a certain right brain, left brain aspect to it. We only get to see and hear from the one disobedient fellow, so it was hard to make lasting impressions. I was a bit sickened with the 19 year old girl. I wonder did the era of first person shooter games and zero consequences for death have an effect on her decisions?

If there was ever a time to weigh in with a comment, this video caused some great conversations at work and home.

So what did you notice?

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  1. Scary stuff.  There have been numerous experiments like this, some involving simpler situations, some more complex.  Take the prisoner's dilemma, for example.  In that, two criminals are caught by the police, and separated.  Each is told that if he testifies and the other remains silent, he will go free and the other will get a long sentence, if they both testify against each other, they both will receive a medium sentence, and if neither testify, they both will get a short sentence.  What is most beneficial?  What is most likely?




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