Friday, October 28, 2011

Social Media or the Ten Circles of Hell

Forget the Dislike button, Facebook needs an Acquaintance button. How many of us have friends on Facebook that we hadn't spoken to in years. Like seeing classmates at a reunion that we swear we will keep in touch up with, Facebook is that momentary "hey, I know you!" that never ends.

I've begun playing with Google+ a little bit and they do have some stuff right. I'm not ready to switch, but you know, when Facebook starts charging us for all the services rendered over the years, to the tune of "firstborn" or "arm and a leg," I won't be caught with my social pants down. So Google has a lot going for it into Google+ with all the other services that they offer. In their words here are "circles":

You share different things with different people. But sharing the right stuff with the right people shouldn’t be a hassle. Circles make it easy to put your friends from Saturday night in one circle, your parents in another, and your boss in a circle by himself, just like real life.

Ok, let's recap:

1. Friends from Saturday night
2. Parents
3. the Boss, unfortunately not "The Boss"

4. Friends from Friday night
5. Friends from Thursday night (oh you knew it was coming!)

6. Friends of the hobby or sports team that you spend the rest of your non-Googbook time on...
7. Co-workers that circled you and bugged you unmercifully until you reciprocated.
8. Former girl/boy friends that won't go away!
9. people you could stand just enough in High School to not avoid at the reunion
10. Beelzebub, Satan, and other minion-like friends

So it stands to reason that if you survive past the 10th circle, you're at acquaintance level. Follow me when I say that your real friends are not on the computer (or "IN the computer")

So with all this fanciness, why is it so hard for Blogger, a Google product, to integrate with Google+? I write this blog and I feel like it is 5 copy and paste operations before I can make my Google circles know how prolific I am.

Perhaps I will stick with Facebook for now, you know circle the wagons if you will.


  1. True and funny...and the fact that you used one of my favorite words didn't hurt either. That word is "minion." I love to say it and try, daily, to inject it into my conversation.

    I'm sticking with FB, too....

  2. Or, you could be like me and refuse to join this 'social networking' revolution.  Which kind of is a revolution in and of itself.  DOWN WITH FACEBOOK! 

  3. Or, you could be mike me and refuse to join the "Social Networking Revolution"!  DOWN WITH FAEBOOK, UP WITH REAL PEOPLE!  Which is a revolution in and of itself.  I kind of feel like Malcolm X right now, but without the violence and Islam and fight against a social injustice.  So in other words, not at all like Malcolm X.  Maybe more like Malcom Jamal-Warner?

  4. Minions were the best part of Despicable Me!

  5. What is FAEBOOK? I could be like mike? How many times do I have to chastise for channelling your inner Theo? Maybe you're like Malcolm in the Middle?

  6. That was my favorite part of Despicable Me!

    Autocorrection Typos courtesy of iPhone

  7. I could 'mike' you? (is that 'be like mike'?)

    What have I told you about channeling your inner Theo? It's not pretty in public.
    Autocorrection Typos courtesy of iPhone




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