Thursday, October 20, 2011

Qwitter: the new (anti) social sensation

Coming to a PDA, Computer, Phone near you... Qwitter!

Qwitter is like Twitter only with a cooler icon. Forget the non-angry bird, give me Napoleon Dynamite taking a Siesta. Ditch the little 't' that is really struggling to become more like the Qwitter 'f'

I Qwieted. It's like Tweeting only you don't say anything in a non-existent post. Qwiets never appear on Facebook, which is part of the reason for the gain in popularity. I have over 17 million Qwiets already.

                           Photo courtesty of iStockphoto

The heck with followers, now there are Qwitters or people who've Qwit you. My mom and dad were some of my first Qwitters. Don't worry, I'm not like that... I Qwit them too. The cool thing about Qwitter is there is no Qwit process, so you could already have people who've Qwit you that you and they're just waiting for you to Qwit them too.  I've been working hard to get all the people I went to High School with to Qwit me, but they are more Twit than Qwit.  My kids REALLY want to Qwit, but I told them they have their whole lives to live before they waste time on Qwitting me.

Not to be confused with a growing social fad that is catching on in the Amish community, QUILTER.


  1. I've been Qwieting my whole life... I am so relived to see that I wasn't on an island, and that there is a whole like minded social media community out there. Now I can Qwit without remorse.

    Now if I can just find an employer that will pay me to Qwiet all day I'll be set.

    Oh, and thanks for buying my book!


  2. A wise man once wrote that a blogger should always try to reply...




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