Sunday, October 30, 2011

Now here's something you'll really like!

I'm not trying to go all sporty spice on you, and this may look like a cop out of a blog, but sometimes in the endless stream of internuttiness, we miss some cool and fun stuff. I would love to see you share links to some of your favorite YouTube videos. The caveats to that request are that they be Germaine to the topic I seem to be doing, and they have to be fairly clean, this is not family unfriendly.

We start with a fairly routine punt. Note that anything you might miss is down below the last video.

Now we have a fairly common restart in a lacrosse match.

A penalty shot at this level is usually accurate and favors the shooter.

Some of you will remember this swim.

Video #1: the guy who blows up he returner is in fact... The punter! He is currently the punter for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Video #2: whoa, did you catch the trickery on the first go around? Total fake out! This is like lacrosse ventriloquism!

Video #3: I can't begin to tell you how hard that is? With the lean, the keeper has to believe the ball is going left, and it would be almost impossible to go right with the right footed shot while leaning like that. But it wasn't the right foot!

Video #4: Phelps has a great swim, but it just isn't enough to give the Americans the win. The final leg is truly David vs. Goliath.

So tell me, what are some good sports related YouTubes that I (and the great unwashed masses) missed on the first go around?


  1. How about the best hockey goal ever? Or this one?

  2. Two new favorites, nice!




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