Saturday, October 22, 2011

I feel like a girl

We've all heard about some women who buy a nice dress and leave the tags in it, all for the simplicity of returning it after wearing it once.

With that said, my wife thought I needed a new wedding ring for our anniversary. 18 years is supposed to be Porcelain. I got Cobalt and my wife got perfume. We're just lawbreakers like that. I didn't get her furniture last year either. But as usual, I digress. My current ring had been sized once as all those finger reps had bulked up the muscles I suppose. Still it was snug, as I like it. Apparently no oils should be involved in the removal of the ring and there should not be a semi-permanent indentation of the skin. Who knew?

So after some shopping we found a ring that I liked and that she liked. Here it is:

So the ring arrived on Thursday and here is the ring with the attached tag, destined to make me feel like a girl:

Seriously? "Not Returnable If Removed" Do they know this is a man's ring? So in the spirit of the tag, I decided to wear it all that evening without removing the tag. Why? That's just me, being me!

As I contemplated whether I would return the ring after my first night wearing it, I harkened back to those wonderful words that my lovely bride said when she placed the first ring on my finger some 18 years ago. She looked at me all doe eyed and innocent and said the words that warmed my heart:

"if you ever come home without this ring, you'd better have lost the finger!"

Talk about don't return if removed!

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