Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Don't be Cliche

Someone: (insert random statement here) 
Someone Else: "I know, right?"
Me: ugh...
Borrowed from Cognitive Design blog

Why you gotta be so cliche?  Who started this hideous fad?  My kids are doing it now.  My co-workers are doing it, albeit because they know it bugs me. Yeah, real mature.  "Like totally!"

I am a product of the 80s and there were some real winners back then. Like everything had to start with "like" and totally had to include "totally" with an occasional "so" thrown in for good measure. "Like, totally gag me with a spoon" and it was "so totally rad!"

I was never a "Totally" guy.  I prefer and have always preferred "indeed."  Like "dude" it can convey the subtleties of the human language merely by the way it is said. 

The 90s weren't much kinder as we ghettofied everything. "Coolio," "You got SERVED," and "Chill Out!"  I particularly enjoy breaking out a gang sign whilest saying "Worrrrrrd" (he just got all crazy up in here and all you saw was the "whilest"... that's Whack)


That leads to one of my all time other pet peeve favorites.  You're trying to talk to a nice young lady in the library to determine if it is possible to carry her books home from school.  She declines by simply saying "As If!"

So what is the deal with "I Know, Right?" that irks me so.  I'd say part of it is delivery.  It is the hanging chad of the younger generation now.  It is a question that isn't.  It's like the preposition you end a sentence by. Laughably, aren't you asking a question that has no answer?  Don't answer that.  How can I affirm if you had forethought or foreboding or foreknowledge of a situation, statement, or scenario.  Who cares if you did?  Who cares if I agree?  Your divine quest for affirmation has led you down a path that has snakes and wolves and zombies.  The best I can give you is "Umm, No."  what you really need is a "Sphincter says what?"

I am not alone in the chariot of craziness, there is a Facebook group that hates this very thing.  Of course, there is a Facebook group for every possible thing to hate including kittens.  Saying that Facebook is an indicator of good or evil, is a bit like doing a research paper and only citing Wikipedia.  In looking around, I have found a few other bloggers tackle the Whys of our annoyance.  Nobody can put a finger on it other than to admit annoyance.  Perhaps I need a 12 step program, but to free myself of what?

Random annoyance, don't get me started about "Cloud Computing."
Thankful thought of the moment: Charlie Sheen and "Winning" has gone away.

I know, right?



  1. I say "I know, right", mostly as a cosign on a cognitive, creative, or correct (at least in my opinion) statement or comment.  Indeed it is just powerful a phrase as the aforementioned "Indeed" or "Dude".

    But I do *try* to avoid the phrase when around you, my friend.  It is the right thing to do, yamean?

  2. And I refrain from my love for ice...when around you. It's so symbiotic.




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