Friday, September 9, 2011

Colors, or You only think you see Red!

Salesman: and that comes in a wide variety of colors in addition to Autumn Mist here.
Me: what the heck is Autumn Mist?!
Salesman: well that would be the color of this floor model.
Me: yeah, that's helpful.

Can I get that in Bratwurst Belch or Biscuits & Gravy or Whale Bladder? Sure, Sea Sky (say that three times fast) is comforting to say, but as a visual descriptor it leaves a bit more to the imagination.

Have you ever wondered why everyone has a favorite color and not everyone likes the same color? I could argue that we all like the same color. No really!

What color is a typical fire engine? Red, of course! How do you know? I'll wait while you in your normal and somewhat limited imagination try to determine where I'm going with this.

Didn't all of our mom's teach us our colors at a very young age? So how did they know what color it was? Their mom taught them! (lather, rinse, repeat back to pre-fire engine days)

I would postulate that our eyes are all different and those little electric symbols that traverse the optic nerve to the brain and get translated may not all be the same.

You: Scott, why do you do this to yourself?

So... What if the color I see when I look at a fire engine is what your eye translates as "blue" but since we have to have a common language we call it, red? I'd love to talk to someone who could see and then had an eyeball replacement. So we look at a fire engine and see a 'different' color much like if we put sunglasses on and the shade varies our common understanding is that the engine is red. Try to describe a color to someone, without using a reference object or color. You might as well say Bratwurst Belch!

Man in Black: you're intellect is truly dizzying.
Vezzini: I'm just getting started!

So is it possible that everyones' favorite color is what I call blue? The rest of you use the reference word 'blue' but actually see different colors?

Be green with envy, now! As opposed to the 'you look green' as when someone is sick. Maybe you're just blue over the thought?

In reality, you're Whale Bladder in my eyes.


  1. Princess Bride quote, nice...

    I am red-green colour blind, so I have a deficiency of cells in the part of my eye that translates the "red" component in light/colour. So I definitely see colour different to everybody else. But who is to say you have the same number of cells as the next person? Is that why some people can't decide on what colour something is? 

    You are on to something here, labels through convention is a powerful thing, and no two eyes are the same...

  2. As you know, this topic makes me quite anxious as it seems to make you as well. I will be brief and hopefully not have a panic attack in the middle as I will not mention the third primary color which is not red and not yellow, but I will be thinking about it.

    Scott, There is help. Contact  "Perceiving Orange liKe Everyone Else" or P.O.K.E.

    Let me know how you fare.

  3. Lol lol lol Bob! Wait, did you just poke me?

    I'm glad my post didn't make you 'envious' and hopefully the 'sadness' passed quickly.




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